1 Million Players Pirate Legend In Sea Of Thieves

A new blog post from Rare producer Joe Neate states that one million players reached the milestone of Pirate Legend in Sea of Thieves .

This is a significant number of people who joined the game after its launch, and they have continued to play the final level. SoT’s greatest problem has been keeping people around once they have tried everything. This achievement is proof that Rare made the right decision to redesign the game in order to improve the player experience.

A week long in-game pirate party will be held to celebrate the occasion.

A player who reaches level 50 in any of the three major trading firms and buys the appropriate promotion levels, earns the title of Pirate Legend. Long legendary journeys are possible by hitting Pirate Legend. You can also get the shanty “We Shall Sail Together” by hitting Pirate Legend. This shanty is available in every outpost tavern. This hidden location is home to vendors selling expensive cosmetics and rare items that will denote your high-seas status.

It was difficult to achieve the Pirate Legend status. I only played Sea of Thieves semi-regularly during the first year. However, I did not get to PL until after Year 2 was out. These days, it’s much easier to reach Pirate Legend. With the new trading company level cap of 75, it’s much easier to get to 50. LDSylvr is a well-known Sea of Thieves streamer that holds challenges every day to test their ability to reach Pirate Legend.

The official Pirate Legend title is a symbol of bad players. They are immediately branded a showboat and braggart if they’re found. It is a good idea to reach PL. Be proud that you did so but don’t make too much of it. Pirate Legend is not an overpriced purple waistcoat with a gold chain attached, but a way of thinking.

A pirate gathering is actually possible. Rare will host a weeklong Pirate Legend Celebration starting tonight AEST.


Sea of Thieves has just over 25 million players overall, so about 4% of them have achieved legendary status.6 days ago

Pirate Legend is a milestone Title that, once earned, grants players additional perks within Sea of Thieves. The title is awarded to players that have reached level 50 in three different Trading Companies, and bought the corresponding level 50 promotions.

The quickest way to pirate legend is to sail with Pirate Legends! They know the riddles and the nuances of killing skellies. They are masterful eradicating forts, and some of them are incredible pvp players while others have mastered the art of evasion!

– Talk to the Mysterious Stranger.
– Learn the Shanty of Legends.
– Play the Shanty in the Tavern.
– Look for the glowing symbol on the ground.
– Fall down the opening.
– Gain access to the Athena’s Fortune Hideout.
– From now on, you’re a Pirate Legend.


If a player reaches pirate legend in Sea of Thieves, they receive additional perks. This milestone is awarded to players who have reached level 50 in three different Trading Companies and bought the corresponding promotion levels. The fastest way to reach this milestone is by sailing with Pirate Legends. They know the riddles and the

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