10 best facial recognition apps on Android

While facial recognition technology has been around for a while, and especially popular in recent years thanks to the rise of “selfie” culture, it still tends to be a feature of the niche world of niche technology products. And, while companies like Google are working hard to bring the technology to mainstream smartphones, it still remains a fairly limited feature for most Android devices. However, there are a few Android apps that provide facial recognition capabilities to a broader range of users.

With the rise of facial recognition technology throughout Android, we have a little bit of a problem: what to recommend. Sure, Google has a great app called “Google Photos” that can scan and identify faces with relative ease. But what about those of us who don’t have Google Photos? How do we match the technology with the need? That’s where we come in.

Facial recognition for security purposes is already a standard feature on most flagship Android phones, but there are still plenty of apps that are available that take this feature to the next level. Most of the apps which are out there, like HALO, have to be manually enabled on the device and are therefore not compatible with stock Android. Below is a list of some apps which are compatible.. Read more about face recognition android app source code and let us know what you think.

Smartphone facial recognition technology has advanced significantly over the years, and it is now better than ever. Many Android applications use face recognition as a feature to make them more user-friendly. This tutorial is for you if you’re interested in these applications and want the best of them. The top Android face recognition applications are listed below.

True Key

True Key

True Key is a popular password manager that enables you to store all of your passwords in a safe environment and use your master passwords to access websites.

The software allows you to verify yourself in a variety of methods, one of which being face recognition. It checks you out and gives you access to the safe using the front camera on your smartphone. You can’t go wrong with True Key if you want a competent password manager with face recognition.


Applock Lite by IObit

IObit Applock Lite

One of the finest face recognition applications for Android is IObit Applock Lite. It’s an app lock that lets you keep your personal applications, pictures, and movies safe from inquisitive eyes.

The software also has facial recognition, so scanning your face provides you quick access to the folder. If someone else attempts to open the safe, the app will snap a picture of the burglar and send you an email notification. IObit Applock Lite is available for free, however it includes advertisements and in-app purchases.




Face2Gene is unquestionably one of the finest Android face recognition applications. This software is mainly for healthcare professionals, since it aids in the diagnosis of different illnesses via the use of face scans.

It also offers collaboration features such as forums where you can discuss cases and get comments from other physicians all around the globe. It’s still a new software, but it’s becoming better all the time, and it may become a valuable tool for physicians in the near future.


Screen to Lock Your Face

Face Lock Screen

Face Lock Screen is yet another fantastic Android face recognition software. The app scans your face and unlocks applications using sophisticated neural network AI technology.

Before you start using the app, it’s important that you can train the AI for your face, and once it’s ready, you can start protecting your important apps with the Face Lock screen. The good thing about this app is that it just keeps getting better over time which is a plus. You can use the Face Lock screen for free, but it comes with ads.



BioID - best facial recognition app

BioID is unquestionably one of the finest Android face recognition applications. It’s a sophisticated security software that uses face recognition to ensure that the account owner attempts to access their account.

The app provides access to the user once they pass the face recognition test. You may also utilize the app as an authentication method for other applications, ensuring that only you have access to them.



MojiPop - best facial recognition app

MojiPop is an app that allows you to design your own customized Emojis. Emojis have become an essential component of our interactions. Face recognition technology is used by the app to identify your face in a selfie and then generate a customized emoji for you.

Once you’ve made your customized emoji, you can simply use it in your discussions to spice things up. MojiPop is available for free, however it includes advertisements and in-app purchases.



Taunt is one of the finest Android face recognition applications. Face recognition technology is used in this application to track participant attendance.

It is a very helpful tool for keeping track of your kids’ or workers’ attendance. A leave management system and comprehensive statistics are also included in the program, which offer useful information about your workers.


FACE IT - best facial recognition app

FACE IT is another popular Android face recognition software. This software creates a face profile using facial recognition technology and sophisticated algorithms, and then utilizes it to see whether you are connected to other individuals.

To create a comprehensive profile, the algorithm evaluates the patterns of your face, eyebrows, eyes, nose, lips, ears, mouth, head, chin, and skin in the app. Overall, if you want to find out whether you’re connected to someone else, utilize FACE IT.


Face AppLock

AppLock Face

AppLock Face is one of the finest Android face recognition applications. This AppLock protects data with sophisticated face recognition technology, and only the owner can access it after confirming his or her identity with facial recognition.

AppLock Face may be used to protect your private pictures, videos, applications, and other sensitive information. It also has voice recognition capabilities, which you may utilize as an extra layer of protection. The greatest part of AppLock Face is that it is totally free to use and has no limitations.



FaceApp - best facial recognition app

FaceApp is unquestionably one of the finest Android face recognition applications. You may use the app to make different facial changes, but you must first snap a selfie, after which the app will run the facial recognition algorithm and provide you with several choices.

You can simply alter your impressions, give yourself an elderly or youthful lock, change the backdrop, apply cosmetics filters, utilize creative lighting, smooth wrinkles, erase acne, use color lenses, and many other features in the program. The software also includes a video editor with which you can edit movies and apply interesting effects. FaceApp is available for free, however it includes advertisements and in-app purchases.



These are the top ten Android face recognition applications. The majority of these applications are free, however some need in-app payments to access advanced features. Please let us know if you have any queries in the comments section. If you’re interested in horoscopes, we’ve put together a list of the best horoscope apps for Android.

The best smartphone cameras are the ones that are fast and give you a crystal-clear picture. A good facial recognition app is the one that can help you get the best picture possible. Some apps can be of use just in identifying your friends or family. But some of them can be of great use in identifying people in real life.. Read more about free facial recognition app for photos and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which app is best for face recognition?

The app that is best for face recognition is the one you use.

Is there an app to identify faces?

There is an app called FaceApp that can identify faces.

Is there a free face recognition app?

There is not a free face recognition app.

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