100 Thieves And Lil Nas X

Recently, Lil Nas X and 100 Thieves released a collaborative hype video ahead of their League of Legends World Championship group stage campaign.

In the video, Lil Nas X sings “THAT’S WHAT I WANT” and “INDUSTRY BABY,” both off his latest album MONTERO. Nadeshot, CouRage, Valkyrae, JHB, and 100T’s League team also make an appearance.

Last August, Lil Nas X first appeared as a face inside the LCS Trophy, which the Thieves won. The pop star, however, emerges inside the 100T headquarters at one minute into the film, singing “INDUSTRY BABY.”

CEO Nadeshot makes an appearance holding the LCS trophy, while CouRage shows up cheering on the Thieves’ LCS title win. Valkyrae, on the other hand, sits on a throne, ominously holding an axe. JHB is the first to show up in the video, dancing alongside the LCS trophy.

Along with the hype video, 100T’s official YouTube account provided behind-the-scenes footage, including the Thieves’ League of Legends squad in Iceland’s response to receiving a call from Nadeshot and Lil Nas X. Valkyrae also released a video from behind the scenes.

Fans have been expecting a collaboration between 100T and Lil Nas X for a few days now as earlier this week, Valkyrae tweeted pictures of herself and the star side by side, both clad in 100T merch, leading fans to speculate about what kind of partnership would be on the horizon.

100T’s campaign at the group stage of Worlds kicks off on Monday, Oct. 11th, at 11am CT, when they’ll face EDward Gaming.

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