100 Thieves confirms TinaKitten joining

Twitch streamer Tinakitten has now officially signed with 100 Thieves after the organization got ahead of itself by decorating up the complex in style and leaking her upcoming presence. 

Tinakitten is a South Korean twitch streamer and a youtube content creator who is known for her gaming and art abilities. She rises into popularity in 2020 because of her Among Us streams. She is often seen collaborating with other big internet personalities such as corpse husband, pokimane, Valkyrae, Sykkuno and more. 

According to the recent video uploaded to the 100 Thieves official YouTube account, TinaKitten may have been the one behind the compound’s new design. This speculation comes after she and the organization’s talent got into a friendly prank war. 

Regardless, TinaKitten, along with fellow Twitch streamers Valkyrae and BrookeAB, is the latest Twitch streamer to join the organization, whether the leak was intentional or not.

Having amassed over 800,000 followers on Twitch, most of whom tune in to watch TinaKitten play Valorant or just to catch up with her during her Just Chatting streams, it’s easy to understand why her signing with 100 Thieves was justified. Indeed, this is only the beginning for TinaKitten and her career.

Aside from Twitch, TinaKitten has garnered an impressive social media following, with over 540,000 on Instagram and 625,000 followers on Twitter, despite the streamer commenting that she tweets at least once a month. Together with 100 Thieves, she will no doubt reach new heights


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