100 Thieves Reportedly Cuts Steel

After a seemingly disappointing performance at the VCT Stage 3 Masters Berlin, the 100 Thieves Valorant team has reportedly cut IGL Joshua Nissan aka Steel. 

According to a fresh Upcomer report, 100T will replace steel with Aaron ‘b0i’ Thao for the VCT Last Chance Qualifier in October. This comes at a critical time for 100 Thieves, who will compete for the remaining VCT Champions berth in North America alongside nine other teams.

The Thieves performed admirably in the VCT Stage 3 Masters Berlin, however they fell to Envy 0-2 in the Semifinals, preventing them from qualifying for Champs.

As previously stated, 100T will be filling in for steel for the time being with 24-year-old b0i, but whether or not he will be a permanent replacement remains to be seen. Of course, 100T hasn’t confirmed this, but if it’s true, it has some fascinating implications for the VCT North America Last Chance qualification tournament on October 12th.

This gives just over two weeks for the new-look 100T group to practice together in preparation for that competition, where they’ll be competing against teams who have been playing together for considerably longer.

The Thieves breezed through VCT Masters in Berlin, only falling in the semi-finals versus Envy. Fans may be surprised if Steel is dropped after that performance. Given the amount of experience steel brings to the table, it is likely that the CS veteran will be able to find a new home in Valorant esports.


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