15 Best Dungeons in Old School RuneScape –

Diving into the dungeons of OSRS can be both intimidating and fascinating.

With dozens, if not hundreds, of dungeons to choose from, there’s certainly plenty to keep you busy.

There are skill dungeons, quests, PvM, bosses, killers and more! As an adventurer, it is your duty to prepare well to enter these dungeons, because without proper preparation, death is inevitable.

I have explored many dungeons in the game myself, and I would like to share with you what I think are the best dungeons in OSRS!

15. Crandor and the Tower of Karamja

This is probably the most iconic dungeon in all of F2P.

This is where you travel to complete the legendary Dragonslayer I and kill Elvarg!

There are many small demons to train, but also deadly red spiders. You can also collect eggs from red spiders, which are used to make great restorations and can be sold for a quick profit.

Once you’ve dealt with the dragon slayer, the dungeon serves as a path to Crandor Island.

To enter the city of Tzhaar, which lies in the volcano Karamja, you must enter this dungeon.

14. MetroCard

While this dungeon isn’t particularly useful once you’ve completed all the associated quests, I still think it’s one of the best designed dungeons in the entire game.

The underground passage is used in the Elfenland quest series, and it’s really challenging!

Once inside, your skills are put to the test, as you must solve puzzles and survive countless enemies as you go deeper and deeper into the pass.

You may think that teleportation is an option. But losing everything you’ve done would mean hours of wasted time.

If you manage to escape, you’ll get access to the elven land of Tyrannan as a reward.

13. Lumbridge Marsh Caves

Watch out for the gas!

The Lumbridge Caves are full of… You guessed it, swamp gas. It could be explosive!

You will need a light source to explore these caves, but never bring an open fire.

A flashlight with a bull’s eye is good for this.

Caves offer new players an excellent training ground filled with low-level killing monsters.

There is also a Tears of Gutix mini-game in the caves that is ideal for your first experience.

Exploration of these caves will yield amazing results. Who knows what you’ll find deep inside ….

12. Falador Mole Den

The Falador Mole Cave is a series of tunnels dug under the city by a giant resident mole.

He may be blind, but he knows exactly how to act. Even as you fight it, it digs its way out of your way to avoid your hard blows.

You should also take a light source that isn’t open here, like B. a lantern, because a giant mole can extinguish your light by spitting out a bunch of dirt.

After all, you are here to kill the giant mole, which can be very lucrative to kill because of its skins and claws.

11. Octopus Bay

Not far from the fishing colony of Piscatoris, there are cave octopuses, water spirits and a cave octopus boss.

The dungeon itself is safe to explore.

But only adventurers with a killer task can fight the enemies inside.

There’s only one floor and it’s pretty small, but the enemies leave a lot of loot behind, especially the Kraken boss.

Adventurers looking for the Zeetrident or the tentacles of the Kraken will spend a lot of time here.

10. Brimhaven Keep

This donjon is almost as famous as the donjon of Karamji, and also almost as old!

Brimhaven Keep, also located on the island of Karamja, has become known as the only place where metal dragons can be found.

This is no longer true. But it still has the reputation of harboring several deadly monsters, including fire giants, black demons, red dragons, wild dogs, great demons, and all metal dragons down to steel.

To enter this dungeon, you’ll need to bring an axe, as many paths are blocked by lianas.

You’ll also need 875 coins, as the local tribal leader demands payment before you can enter. Or you can pay 1 million for permanent access.

9. The Smoking Devil’s Dungeon

This is another killer dungeon, similar to Kraken’s Cove.

The Smoke Devil dungeon is located not far from Castle Wars and the Fairy Ring.

Inside, the room is filled with smoke. The player needs a hunter’s helmet or a face mask.

Without it, you’ll suffer all the time.

This dungeon is popular for killing smoke demons and thermonuclear demons, which are other boss fights!

And just like in Kraken’s Cove, you need a Killer mission to fight the demons inside of you!

The smoke demons drop an occult amulet that is an incredible magical enhancement.

8. Edgeville Hold

The Edgeville dungeon is pretty well known in the community and was the first dungeon I explored in OSRS when I started.

There are two entrances to the keep, one outside Warrock and one in Edgeville.

To enter Varrock, you’ll need a copper key, which you can get in the dungeon.

Most of the Edgeville dungeon is available as F2P, and only the Wilderness section is a F2P member.

This dungeon is particularly popular in F2P, as it drops large cubes and giant keys to fight Obor.

Through this dungeon, you gain access to Vannaka, a mid-level combat master designed specifically for wild warriors, and to balloon control or landing balloons.

7. Calphite Cave

The home of the deadly Calfite Queen is Calfite Cave, near Shanta Pass.

You’ll need a rope to enter the cave and face these giant insects.

Otherwise, if you have the desert amulet (4), you can teleport directly to the entrance.

The design of the dungeon is really innovative. And it really feels like we’re in a nest of deadly creatures.

The corridors are long and windy, with eggs on the walls. Calves often hatch from eggs.

At the end of the tunnel, you will find the queen calf herself. Defeating them has been the goal of many adventurers!

6. Old cave

The ancient cave is reserved for players at the end of the game and contains powerful dragons, including (but not limited to) the mighty dragon Mythyrilus.

It goes without saying that this is a very dangerous area.

The entrance to this dungeon is extremely unique, as you literally have to jump off the walkway into the vortex outside Otto’s Cave!

To get into the dungeon, you must also pass the barbarian training. Otherwise you’ll just get dragged downstream.

This is also the site of the Dragon Forge, where the Dragon Plateau and the Dragon Snake Shield are made.

5. Fremenik Fighters dungeon

This combat dungeon is very pragmatic and well thought out.

It has several zones, each with unique battle monsters.

The deeper you go, the stronger and higher they become.

At the end of the dungeon you will find Kuraski, a level 70 hunter monster. They have a very good fall table and are bred often enough to make money.

The dungeon itself is also easily accessible.

There is a teleporter on the death ring that will take you inside, or you can use the fairy rings, one of which is right in front of the entrance.

4. Recreational caves

This sinister dungeon in the desert is the Revenants’ only home.

As a result, it has become the largest PKing site in the wild.

There are three entrances to the dungeon: at level 17, 26 and 40 of the Wildlands respectively.

This means that when you need an escape, you have many options to choose from.

You have to pay $100,000 to get in. If you don’t die in the caves, you don’t have to pay these costs anymore.

Be very careful when you explore this dungeon. They have a very high chance of being killed.

Only wear what you’re willing to lose!

3. God of War Dungeon

The War on God Keep (GWD) is home to four War on God generals and their armies!

In the four corners of this huge dungeon you will find generals in their war rooms, surrounded by their armies.

Dungeon is truly a masterpiece. You can see the enemies from each side fighting each other.

If you don’t want to participate in the battles, wear items that correspond to the various gods of the GWD and their armies will leave you alone.

Most of the adventurers here are high level and want to take on the generals because they give away some of the best items in the entire game – including the legendary Divine Words!

2. Taverly Dungeon

The Taverly dungeon is the perfect dungeon in OSRS, in my opinion.

It contains content for players of all skill levels, many quests and even bosses.

In this dungeon you’ll find everything from dragons to secret hideouts. It’s great to explore and really well thought out!

To explore the most dangerous part of Taverly’s dungeon, however, players must obtain a dust key or have level 70 dexterity.

To get the key, explore the dungeon until you find the Black Knight’s fortress inside. Talk to Velrak the explorer and he will give you a key.

Many first level players come here to slay blue dragons for quick cash, while higher level players come here to fight Cerberus or slay black demons.

The entrance is just outside the town of Taverly, where a ladder awaits anyone who ventures out!

1. Curonian Spit Catacombs

And the first place on our list is in the catacombs of Surenda!

This dungeon extends below Zeah and covers a large part of the island, with many entrances scattered throughout.

This is one of the biggest dungeons in the entire game!

The interior is dark purple mixed with blue, and has several levels, with no stairs or ladders as the dungeon rises in places.

The site is fascinating and worth exploring.

Really, this dungeon has everything you want in an assassin.

Tons of enemies, powerful Black Dragon Brutals, and lots of Sand Crabs for the lower levels. You’ll find a little bit of everything here.

You’ll also find that every bone buried here returns a prayer point – meaning that items like the bone crusher can get you a lot of extra prayers here with minimal effort.

You can also fight Boss Scotizo in the Catacombs if you find the three totems, which are thrown exclusively by the enemies in there.

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