2 girls, a boy and a braai

In the latest episode of kykNET’s Farmer Souk ‘n Womanthe farmers threw the remaining two girls on their farms in the deep end, had them shoot, feed cattle, dose sheep and more, after which a slew of family and friends came to greet them.

After a difficult situation where one of Tyson’s three girls decided not to go ahead with the Farmer Souk ‘n Woman process, things were a little tense between him and the other two girls, Alri and Annelle. But when he met his people, Alri said she could feel the love between them and it was a good feeling. She felt at home. Annelle was described as a strong woman who shoots straight – someone who knows what she wants.

Tyson’s mom said it sounds like Annelle likes to take control of things, “which is great.” She described Alri as “gentle and gentle” and said what amazed her about both girls was how confident they were.

Tyson said there’s one girl who stands out for him.

Annelle and Alric
Annelle and Alri at Farmer Soek ‘n Vrou. Image: Included

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For Johan, shooting is an important part of his life and he wanted to show them that side of him, so he took them with him. He says he can see himself with both girls, which makes things a bit complicated. Even his grandfather agreed and said he wouldn’t want to be in Johan’s shoes because he had to choose between two lovely ladies.

Johan also took Arina and Liandi to his parents’ farm, where he grew up, and Liandi said it was special to be there. They helped him feed the livestock and saw a bit of his childhood shine through (while defying the strong smell of silage).

At the braai that night, Arina said she wished Johan’s friends and family would see her babysitting the farm, while Liandi also said she wanted them to see her for who she really is. Arina later said that the people were all very hospitable and that she never felt like a stranger.

Liandi Johan and Arina
Liandi, Johan and Arina. Image: Included

Willem had delivered presenter Marciel Hopkins, because his chosen two ladies are complete opposites. He said he’s still looking for that spark – “something has to click. That’s what I’m looking for.” The opinion of his family and friends is very important to him, he said, adding that he was looking for someone who could also identify with them.

The comments from Willem’s family and friends about the women he chose weren’t one or the other either, with some saying Chantel is the one, and others saying Sonja was the perfect match.

Willem Chantel and Sonja
Willem, Chantel and Sonja. Image: Included

Petré, the adventurous one, took his two remaining ladies on a motorcycle ride to watch the cattle and even challenged Bu-Anda to hit one of the cows on the bum, which was sure to get some chuckles.

He admitted that he felt like a cat with cream with the two girls on the farm and that he is definitely on the right track to find love. He also took them to the silos, where they climbed to the top and enjoyed the view over the widespread Free State.

Bu-Anda believed the braai with Petré’s family and friends would be the make-or-break and at the end of the evening Petré admitted to being a little more attracted to one of the girls.

Lourize Petre and Bu-Anda
Lourize, Petre and Bu-Anda. Image: Included

For Nelis, the differences between the two remaining girls on his farm became more apparent. Margot said she could see herself as part of Nelis’s life even before meeting his family and friends, while Esmerélda seemed a little more insecure.

The two girls wondered how Nelis would treat them among his family and friends. The meet-the-family-and-friends event, which Nelis called his ‘Boer Soek ‘n Vrou braai’, was quite overwhelming for Esmerélda, who said the evening was draining her energy because everyone wanted to know who she is and where she is. them from. At one point she was also disappointed in Nelis, because he didn’t listen to her as she talked to him, as if his mind was elsewhere.

Margot Nelis and Esmerelda
Margot, Nelis and Esmerlda. Image: Included

One can only wonder if there were stolen moments or eye contact that set hearts on fire…

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