24-hour Stream of Liam to Fund Pokemon World Championship Trip

Liam is like Ash Ketchum. He’s a boy who wants to fulfill his Pokémon dream.

A young Pokemon enthusiast is streaming the Pokemon Trading Card Game live to raise funds to send him to London’s World Championships.

This year’s Pokemon World Championships are being held in London, England. Liam plans to fly there from Chilliwack (British Columbia), Canada.

Liam started a GoFundMe account with his family to raise $5000CAD in order to fulfill his goal of being the greatest.

To be eligible to participate in the World Championships players must win regionals. Liam qualified for 2020 Pokemon World Championships. Liam had to score 350 points in his category to be eligible to travel, such as to Portland in Oregon, USA.

The 2020 Pokemon World Championships were cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, this year’s event will be held at the Excel Centre, London where it had been scheduled for two years.

High-functioning Autism is a form of autism that allows him to be hyper-focused on certain tasks and do well with them. Pokemon is an example. Because of its math and patterns, the Pokemon Trading Card Game can be as strategic as chess.

On his stream that ran for over an hour Liam revealed that he used to shovel snow in order to make money so he could buy Pokemon cards. His father encouraged him to take up the hobby. Liam has many activities lined up for his 24 hour stream.

The program covers both teaching people the basics of the game as well as making banana art. Liam will participate in an online contest. Sierra Dawn, well-known Pokemon trainer, tweeted about his GoFundMe campaign.

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