3 Quick Ways To Remove Old Windows On PC Laptop 2021

Windows 10 comes with a lot of great features, such as the ability to make calls and send texts without an Internet connection. But I have discovered that there are some software errors that can cause the operating system to hang or freeze while you are making calls.

Windows is the most widely used operating system in the world. But today, it’s time to say goodbye. Microsoft is bringing the curtain down on Windows, which will make way for a modern OS that will be cleaner, faster and more secure.

Many people are troubled by the lack of a Windows 10 upgrade for their old PC, or by the fact that they want to start using their PC again, but find that it doesn’t meet their needs. Life’s too short to be spending time on something that’s not working for you in the way that you wanted it to! That’s why I’m going to tell you 3 different ways that you can do the unimaginable: remove old windows on your PC!. Read more about how to delete windows.old windows 10 and let us know what you think.

3 Easy Ways to Uninstall Old Windows on a PC Laptop in 2021 – Have you lately upgraded your PC, yet your hard disk is already full? This is usually due to the fact that the old operating system is still present. This tutorial on how to eliminate outdated windows may be able to help you solve the problem.

3 Quick Methods for Getting Rid of Old Windows on a PC or Laptop

2021 How to Get Rid of Old Windows from a PC Laptop

When it comes to solving difficulties like this, some people are frequently mistaken. They actually get around this by removing useless data on the computer or uninstalling unused programs.

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While this may free up a little space on the hard drive, it is ineffective. The problem is caused by ancient Windows or Windows. old files that are still present.

What Exactly Are Old Windows?

Before you upgrade, there is a subdirectory called Old Windows that holds old Windows system files. In most cases, this folder is automatically erased after a short period of time when you begin using a new operating system.

Windows, as is common knowledge, are quite huge. As a result, this old Windows folder might quickly fill up the system’s hard drive.

When you upgrade your system, Windows. old is produced automatically. Its goal is to create a backup of the old system, which can then be restored if necessary.

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Similarly, if you are satisfied with the performance of Windows after updating, you can delete the old Windows folder that is still there on the hard disk.

How to Remove Old Windows

Deletion old windows using the direct delete method; this method might not always work. There are some special actions to do in order to delete the previous Windows folder.

But don’t worry, the approach is simple to follow. In fact, there are a number of various approaches that can be used as alternatives.

Permanently deleting files from the previous Windows folder is possible in Windows 10, 8, and 7, and has been confirmed to be secure.

1. Disk Defragmentation

1627527686_664_3-Quick-Ways-To-Remove-Old-Windows-On-PC-LaptopCleaning up the hard drive

Disk Cleanup is a Windows utility that cleans the hard drives on your computer. This capability is typically used to safely erase garbage files, such as the old Windows folder.

Here’s how to remove old windows safely:

  1. On your laptop or PC, open a file explorer.
  2. Then, on the drive, right-click it (C :).
  3. Then choose Properties from the drop-down menu.
  4. Select Disk Cleanup from the drop-down menu.
  5. After that, select Clean Up System Files.
  6. Check the box next to Previous Windows Installations, then click OK.
  7. To approve, click Delete Files and then pick Yes.
  8. After that, just sit back and wait for the process to finish.

The time it takes to delete the old windows folder is proportional to its size. Don’t forget to restart your computer or laptop once it’s finished.

2. Using Command Prompt

1627527686_647_3-Quick-Ways-To-Remove-Old-Windows-On-PC-LaptopUsing CMD

The Command Prompt, sometimes known as CMD, is a Windows tool that allows you to run commands. This command in CMD can also be used to eliminate outdated windows.

How to use cmd to eliminate outdated windows:

    1. To type CMD, press Windows key + R, then click OK.
    2. To type CMD, press Windows key + R, then click OK.
    3. Takeown /FC:Windows.old* / R / A is the command to use.
    4. Then, on the keyboard, press the Enter key.
    5. Then type cacls C: Windows.old. / T / grant administrators: F into the command prompt.
    6. Enter, then type Y and press Enter one more.
    7. Next, type rmdir / S /QC: Windows.old into the command prompt.
    8. After that, press Enter to execute the command.

Now all you have to do is wait for the process to complete before restarting your computer or laptop. Using CMD to delete the old Windows folder can be a suitable solution.

3. Use CCleaner.

1627527687_488_3-Quick-Ways-To-Remove-Old-Windows-On-PC-LaptopCCleaner is a program that cleans your computer.

CCleaner is a well-known and reliable window cleaning program. The previous windows folder and its contents can be permanently deleted with CCleaner.

How to use CCleaner to get rid of old windows:

  1. Run CCleaner on your desktop or laptop computer.
  2. After that, go to the Cleaner menu.
  3. Check the box labeled “Old Windows Installation.”
  4. This option is usually found in the Advanced list section.
  5. To begin scanning, click the Analyze button.
  6. The size of the old Windows folder will then be displayed.
  7. Wait for CCleaner to finish deleting old windows from the PC before clicking the Run Cleaner button.
  8. Done.

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So, there you have it, friends, how to delete old windows from a PC notebook. Although CCleaner is a free program, it has a lot of features that are useful for PCs and laptops. Some people believe that this program should be installed on every computer.

So, those are several methods for safely deleting windows. The old folder and its contents remain permanent until they are cleaned on Windows 7, 8, and 10.

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If you are an owner of a Windows PC, you must have realized that its performance becomes not so good when your Windows OS is getting old. The simplest way to speed up your Windows OS is installing a fresh copy of the Windows OS. By default, the Windows OS copies the files of the previous Windows OS once the new one is installed. The only problem is that these files are from the previous Windows OS, so they cannot be used by the new version. This is a common scenario, and you need to get rid of them right away.. Read more about is it safe to delete previous windows installations and let us know what you think.

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