9 Most Popular Gaming Chairs of 2021

It is a personal choice to choose a gaming chair. There are many important factors to consider when choosing a chair. These include the support weight, adjustability and height, as well as durability. Because comfort is where you will be spending the majority of your time, it should always be top priority.

No matter how stylish a chair looks, you may find it not to be the right fit for your needs. To determine which type of chair is best for you, you should test them out in person. You can choose the one that matches your favourite pro-gamer, streamer or brand.

Important to mention that certain gaming chairs are in limited supply because of production limitations of smaller parts brought on by the epidemic.

1. Herman Miller Embody

It is the Herman Miller Embody gaming chair that top streamers use. The ergonomic design was inspired by Budd Tucker’s research on ophthalmic neurobiologists. The design is balanced in pressure distribution and encourages natural alignment. It also supports healthy movement and body positioning.

It has carpet casters and fully adjustable arms to make sure that it fits all sizes and shapes of bodies. You can adjust the position of your backrest to match your natural curve.

Material : A combination of plastic and synthetic fabric cushioning.

Colour: Berry Blue.

Dimensions : 71.1×71.1×62.2cm (28x28x24.5″)

Maximum Weigh limit : 130kg (390lbs).

Warranty: 12-year, 3-shift

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2. MAXNOMIC Team Liquid 2.0 (Medium)

MAXNOMIC Team Liquid 2.0, a partnership between NEEDforSEAT & Team Liquid is the MAXNOMIC Team Liquid 2.0. The ergonomic design allows it to be very flexible. The tilt lock mechanism allows for a 90 degree angle and can be adjusted to swivel at 56deg or forward at 7deg. It can be adjusted in height from 127 to 136.9 cm (50-53.9 ”),), and the armrests are adjustable between 67.1cm and 83.3cm (26.4’’-32.8’’). The inner bottom cushion measures at 14.1cm. It also features a high backrest with a removable pillow for the lumbar. This can either be used to support your lower back or neck. Armrests can be adjusted in 4D.

The premium armrests include finger-rests and are made from high quality leatherette. The cushion is made of durable, cold-cured foam and covered with a premium leatherette fabric. The fabric has been designed to resist sweating, flaking and peeling. You can choose from three sizes: medium, large and small.

Material – Heavy-duty steel frames and PU leather-covered cushions.

Colour: White and black

Dimensions : Height: 127 to 136.9cm (53.9 – 50.9), armrests: 67 – 83.3cm (26.4-322.8″) and bottom cushion with side bolsters (42.1cm (16 ”),) backrest is 84.1cm (33.1″) high, the widest point of backrest at 56.9cm (22.4″)), part of backrest at 32.8cm (12.9″); ground to seat: 47 -56.9cm

Limit in Weight : Medium – 50 – 79.8kg (1110-176lb); medium – 79.9kg – 99.8kg (2177-220lb); large 99.9kg (92-220lb); large – 99.5kg – 129.3kg (2221-285lb)

Warranty: 2-year

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3. Noblechairs Epic Gaming Chair

Another ergonomic gaming chair is the noblechairs Epic Gaming Chair. It is designed to be shaped around your body. The chair is cushioned with high-density foam that retains its form and distributes your weight evenly so they don’t sink into the padding. You can adjust the 4D armrests horizontally or vertically. They are tiltable as well.

Two removable lumbar pillows are included, which provide additional comfort by providing a lower back and neck rest. You can also find the best sitting position by using an integrated rocking mechanism with locking function.

Material : Aluminum foot cross with alloy steel frame and PU Hybrid/PU Faux leather/Real leather

Colour: Black (Amazon). You can find more options on their site.

Dimensions 67x71x140cm (26.38×27.95×55.12″); Seat width (contact: 34.29cm) (13.5 ”);) Seat depth (contact: 49.53kg/19.5’’) and Seat height (contact: 48.26cm – 58.42cm (9” – 23’’)

Maximum weight: 120.2kg (255.5 lbs).

Warranty: 2-year limited

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4. Vertagear Racing Series S-Line SL2000

Vertagear’s S-Line is a gaming chair with ergonomic design. It is supported on a five-star reinforced base constructed from heavy-duty, alloy material. The legs rest on custom-made 6.5cm (22.5”) racing stylecasters that are coated with PU so they can glide easily on all surfaces.

The cushion includes a removable, leatherette-covered memory foam pillow with headrest and lumbar support cushions. This will provide extra comfort for longer gaming sessions. Armrests can be shaped to your arm shape by being contoured and cushioned. You can adjust them.

Material: A steel frame with resilience foam and covered with PVC leather.

Colour: Black/Blue/Carbon/Black/Green/Black/Purple/Black/Red/Black White, TSM/White/Black. White/Blue, White/Purple, White/Red

Dimensions 58.42×55.88×132.8cm (23x22x52″), back adjustability 80deg-140deg (17–20.5″), floor to seat – 43.2 – 52.1cm (17–20.5″); armrests from the floor – 57.15-74.93cm (22.5–29.5″)

Maximum Weighing Limit : 150kg (335lbs).

Maximum height: 193cm (or 6’4″).

Warranty: 10-year limited

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5. Herman Miller Aeron

At $2,550 USD, the Herman Miller Aeron adds another expensive item to this list. You can choose from sizes A, C and B. They also come in 3 color options. We will focus on the size C. This is an ergonomic office chair that offers high quality and style. The chair has a built-in Adjustable PostureFit/Lumbar Support that can be adjusted to suit your back contours. It is designed to provide comfort and proper posture for extended periods.

The height of the chair can be adjusted in two ways: from floor to seat and armrest to back. The armrests are also movable outward. Many of these extra features are available to be removed if purchased directly from the website. This will reduce the cost to $995 USD

Size A measures 97.79×65.4×37.47cm (38.5×25.75×14.75″) while Size B is 104.14×68.58×41.15cm (44.1x27x16.2″) and Size C dimensions 47×71.6×109.2cm (18.5×28.2×43 ).

Material – Recycled materials such as aluminum, steel and zinc.

Colour: Mineral, carbon or graphite

Dimensions 109.22×71.76x47cm (43×28.25×18.5″), seat adjustment 40.64-52.07cm (16′-20.5″), armrest adjustment 17.27cm (6.8-10.8″) above the seat, and seat sliding 6.35cm (2.5″), pivot 15deg forward and 17.5deg back

Maximum weight :158.78kg (355lbs) for all sizes

Warranty: 12-year, 3-shift

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6. noblechairs ICON

Noblechairs ICON chairs have an ergonomic design inspired by high-end car seats. The chair features a 55% high density cold foam cushioning, which is both breathable and resistant to deformation. It will retain its form over long-term, continuous use. The fabric can withstand wear and tear, is low-maintenance, UV-, and moisture resistant, so it won’t rip easily.

You can adjust the height of your armrests and they are also adjustable in four directions. The rocking mechanism can operate up to 11deg. The base is made of aluminum and has five arms. It’s supported by a 2.4-inch caster. Two cushions are included for support of the neck and to help with lumber.

Material : A steel alloy frame with cold foam cushioning. It is covered in real leather, faux leather, or PU hybrid fabric. There’s also an aluminum crossfoot.

Colour: White, dark, and black editions, as well as black/blue, gold, silver/black, brown/gold, and black/white.

Dimensions : Height adjustment 128-138cm (50.4-54.3″), ground-to-seat 48-58cm (18.9-22.8″), backrest angle 90deg-135deg

Maximum Weighing Limit : 150kg (335lbs).

Warranty – 2-year, limited, 30-day trial

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7. DXRacer 265LB King KS06

DXRacer 275LB King KS06 has been ergonomically designed and stuffed with high-density cold foam. It also includes a removable headrest cushion, lumbar cushion, and detachable lumbar cushions. It offers height adjustments thanks to the Class 4 gas lift and a backrest angle adjustment up to 135deg. You can also rock the unit at 15 degrees. To help reduce wrist pressure or muscle strain, the armrests can be adjusted by 4 dimensions.

The frame has been certified by TUV LGA and ANSI/BIFMA (by SGS), as well as ISO9001, for added safety and durability. It also features 360deg casters.

Material: Metal frame and cold foam padding.

Colour: black/blue or black/gray.

Dimensions 71.12×71.12×137.16cm (28x28x54″), height adjustment 48.26-55.88cm (19-22″) from floor-to-seat, backrest angle 90deg-135deg

Maximum weight: 124.7kg (275lbs).

Warranty – 2-year parts warranty & lifetime frame warranty

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CORSAIR’s T2 ROAD WARRIOR has been ergonomically created for gaming. The armrest can be reclined up to 170deg. This allows you to tilt the chair and lean back completely. You can adjust the armrest in four directions: up/down and left/back. The Allen key allows for complete removal. For durability, the gas lift class 4 supports height adjustment.

You also get removable pillows for your neck and support from the lumber. They can both be adjusted to give you more comfort. They can roll smooth over many surfaces.

Material : Steel skeleton, aluminum chair base and PU leather-covered, cold foam padding. Class 4 gas lift

Colour: Black/red or black/blue.

Dimensions 60x50x88cm (23.6×19.7×34.6″), height adjustment 51cm to 60cm (20.2-23.6), backrest angle 90deg-170deg, tilt up 17deg, and seat size 50cmx56cm (19.7×22.3)

Maximum weight: 120 kg (264.5 lbs).

Warranty: 2-year

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9. Humanscale Freedom

Humanscale Freedom is an ergonomic office chair. It comes with either standard or soft-hard floor casters. The casters lock automatically when you sit down and can be attached to a 5-arm base.

Dynamic headrests are dynamic. They support the neck and head while reclined, but move out of the way when upright. The contoured backrest adjusts automatically to fit the spinal needs. It is made to distribute weight evenly. The cushioning is also available with an attachment for a coat-hanger, but it does not include extra cushions.

Material Graphite, polished aluminum with graphite trim

Colour: Blue, grey, cayenne or graphite

Dimensions: 69 x 63.5 x 51cm (27.25 x 25 x 20″) height: 85 – 105.5cm (33.5 – 41.5″) + headrest: 12.5cm (5″) adjustment, 20deg seat tilt

Limit in Weight: 45.4 to 136kg (100 to 300 lbs.

Warranty: 15-year limited

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To choose the best gaming chair, you have to test them out in person because it is not a personal choice based entirely on looks. There are many important factors to consider when choosing a chair, including weight, adjustability, height and durability. The Herman Miller Embody chair is popular with streamers

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