A Deep Look at iiTzTimmy’s Gaming Setup

iiTzTimmy started streaming in August 2019, and quickly made a name as a top-rated Apex Legends player. He was soon streaming alongside Aceu and Dieagosaurs, among other things. He was able to earn a long position with the Golden Guardians for a year, first as part their pro-Apex and later as part their stream teams.

Logitech sponsored a lot of iiTzTimmy’s gaming equipment, but it’s still important to note what he uses. As a streamer at the top level, it’s crucial to make sure he only purchases products that enable him to use his talents to their full extent. For those who are interested, we have provided below a complete list of the equipment he uses.


iiTzTimmy uses the BenQ ZOWIEXL2740 27 inch monitor. It is a 27-inch monitor with a refresh rate at 240Hz and a 1ms (GTG), response time. The brightness of the monitor is 320 cd/m2. It also has a 0.31mm pixel pitch. It was specifically designed to be used by esports gamers and offers advanced features such as the Black eQualizer, which can help brighten dark scenes in games, and Color Vibrance, to improve overall imagery. You can also use it with G-Sync or FreeSync.

The stand features a hole to allow cable management and tilting options. It also offers pivoting and pivoting at 90 degrees, tilting and swiveling options, as well as height and adjustment options. The monitor can be taken out of its base for VESA 100 x100mm mounting. No speakers are included.

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iiTzTimmy uses the Logitech Pro wireless (Shroud), mouse. iiTzTimmy uses the Shroud version of Logitech G Pro wireless mice. UnknownxArmy, LVNDMARK also have the regular version. The ergonomic design is truly ambidextrous, as it has four additional side buttons. These can be used to add two or more on either one side. The maximum acceleration is 40G with a polling speed of up to 1000Hz and a reporting rate of just 1ms.

The 25K hero sensor provides a 100–25600 dpi range. Logitech G Pro software allows you to set the dpi in increments 50. You can also store up to six profiles on your mouse. You can toggle these between using the dpi buttons located under the scroll wheel.

You can also get this mouse in many other colors. The mouse is lightweight at 79g (2.75 oz), and measures 3.82×62.15×11.66cm (1.57×2.5×4.92″) This device is compatible with Windows 7, macOS 10.11, and Chrome OS.

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iiTzTimmy uses the Logitech G840XL (Shroud), mousepad. The G840 mousepad is limited edition and is intended to provide optimal sensor imagery. The rubberized bottom serves two purposes: it prevents the cloth from becoming clumpy and also keeps it from sliding during use. The surface area is 42×7.5×7.5cm (16.54×2.95×2.95″).

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iiTzTimmy uses the Logitech Pro X (Shroud Edition) keyboard. Logitech G Pro X (Shroud) is an upgraded version of its original G Pro keyboard. iiTzTimmy uses the Shroud edition keyboard in her gaming setup. Linear GX Red Linear GX Red switches are included. They have an actuation points of 50G, a travel distance of 4mm, and an actuation level of 1.9mm. The keycaps as well as switches can be hot-swappable. However, the bottom row keycaps are not standard. You may have difficulty finding keycaps to replace them.

The keyboard features a tenkeyless design and an additional gaming lock-key button. Logitech G Hub software allows you to set the keys that are affected by the lock button, the RGB backlighting LIGHTSYNC and macro F-key buttons.

It measures 2.4 36.1x 15.3cm (11.3×14.2x 6.02”). The software can be used with Windows 7 and later, or macOS 10.11 or earlier.

It can be combined with a Nintendo Switch, Xbox One or PS4 if needed.

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iiTzTimmy wears a Logitech Pro Gaming headset. The Logitech Pro gaming headset is used by iiTzTimmy. The wired headset is made from an adjustable, flexible steel headband and durable aluminum forks that connect it to the earcups. Earcups have 50mm PRO-G Hybrid mesh drivers and are covered in soft leatherette.

Drivers provide an excellent frequency response of 20 to 20,000Hz and operate at 35O nominal resistance.

An electret microphone with unidirectional Polar pattern is included in the headset. The capsule measures 6mm in length and has a pop filter. The frequency range it provides is 100-10,000Hz. You can either mut it using the inline controls or remove the headset completely. It is 320g (11.2 oz). The DAV can be programmed using up to five EQ profiles via the Logitech G Hub software. It is compatible with many gaming consoles, as well as Macs and PCs.

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iiTzTimmy used a Shure SM7B mic. Shure SM7B microphones are dynamic with a front address. The frequency range is 50-20,000Hz with a nominal impedance 150O, and sensitivity of -59dBV/Pa. The unidirectional, polar pattern of the filter helps eliminate background noises and prevents vocal plosive sounds. It also comes equipped with an exterior windscreen to prevent interference from electric devices.

It has a presence booster button and high pass filter switch on the base. These can be used to increase mid-range frequencies or suppress low frequencies. Although this microphone does not require phantom-power, it can still be powered using an XLR cable.

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iiTzTimmy’s Gaming Gear Specs. – Monitor: BenQ ZOWIE XL2740. – Keyboard: Logitech Pro X Keyboard (Shroud Edition) – Mouse: Logitech G Pro Wireless Mouse (Shroud Edition) – Headset: Logitech G PRO X Wireless Gaming Headset (Shroud Edition)

iiTzTimmy is estimated to make anywhere between $400k to $500k in a year, owing to his massive popularity on Twitch and his well-performing YouTube channels. Out of the two, his Twitch brings in more income, as he rakes in a ton through donations and subscriptions to his channel.

Aceu Apex Legends Mouse Settings DPI. 800. Polling Rate. 500 Hz. Mouse Sensitivity.

Aceu Apex Legends Mouse Settings
DPI 800
ADS Mouse Multiplier 1.0

iiTzTimmy uses a Logitech G Pro wireless (Shroud) mouse. Its maximum acceleration id 40G at a polling rate of up to 1000Hz at a report rate of 1ms.13-Jan-2021


Timmy started streaming in 2019 and started playing Apex Legends. He soon made a name for himself and was soon streaming alongside Aceu, Dieagosaurs, and many other people. Logitech sponsored some of his gaming equipment but by far the most important part of his setup is the monitor he uses (

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