A deep look at Veritas Gaming Setup

Veritas, a streamer who plays FPS games, is also the co-host for the POgcast and is also an artist and composer. Apart from his full-time job as a software engineer for a consumer robots company, this is all. It might help to look at Veritas’s equipment list to get a better understanding of his ability to produce a high quality broadcast.


Veritas used an ASUS ROG Swift PC279Q gaming monitor. It has a refresh rate of 165Hz and a response time of 4ms grey to gray. The maximum resolution of the monitor is 2560x1440p. You can choose between four settings of blue lighting to help reduce eye strain during long gaming sessions.

It also offers several adjustment options. You can tilt it 20deg to -5deg or pivot it clockwise. You can increase the height of your monitor by as much as 12cm (0.73″) For wall mounting purposes, the monitor can be removed from its stand to allow for 100 x 100mm VESA wall mounting. The monitor measures 61.8×55.3×23.8cm (9.4×24.4×21.8-inch) when it is attached to the stand. It weighs 7kg (15.43lbs). This device is compatible with Windows 7 32-bit and higher, as well as certain Nvidia GPUs.

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Veritas uses the Logitech G703 wireless mouse. This mouse is compatible with the Hero 25K sensor. The software allows you to adjust the sensor’s DPI in increments 50. This range is between 100 and 25,600 DPI. You can store up to four DPI levels directly on the mouse. The mouse can track at speeds of more than 400 IPS and has an acceleration maximum of 40G. It has metal spring button tensioning on its left and right clickers to further improve responsiveness.

To aid in control it also features dual-injected rubberized sidegrips. A 10g weight optional can be added that will increase its weight by 95g (3.35oz to 105g (3.7oz.). The ergonomic design of the device and its dimensions (12.4×6.8×4.29cm (4.88×2.68×1.69’’) makes it ideal for people with small to medium hand sizes. You can use it while charging. The battery life is between 35 and 60 hours depending on whether the RGB lighting is being used.

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Veritas uses the SoloQ Mega Size mousepad. It measures 122x61x0.4cm, 48x24x0.66″ and comes in a variety of colors. The thick rubber base and the cloth-covered surface are optimized for optical and laser mouse use. It is protected from slippage by the rubber base. It does not affect its versatility as it can be rolled up for storage.

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Veritas has a Cooler Master MK750 keyboard. It also uses Cherry MX Brown switches. The switches provide a tactile and soft feedback. They can travel a distance of approximately 2.2mm with a force of 50G. Although these switches cannot be hot-swappable they can be easily replaced by a standard-shaped set. You can create up to four macro settings on-the-fly and store them directly on your keyboard.

The keyboard is made mainly from plastic. Flip-out feet allow you to position the keyboard. The keyboard also features a detachable, braided USB Type C of 1.8m length and 3-way cable management. The overall dimensions of the device are 43.x 13x 4.2cm (17.25×5.2×1.65cm).

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Veritas used an Audeze LED-GX headset. It boasts twice as many drivers than regular Neodymium N50 10cm (4″) drivers. They provide a frequency range between 10 and 50,000Hz, which is surprisingly wider than usual. The device has a nominal resistance of 20O and an sensitivity of 100dB. It also has a maximum level of SPL (around 130dB).

It features soft, leatherette-covered memory foam padding at its earcups and a flexible, dual-layer headband. It is comfortable for all heads. The device weighs in at 454g (16.01oz), and comes with two cords. The 1/8″ connector includes the boom microphone and the braided connector has 1/4″. It is compatible with many other devices.

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Veritas uses a Shure SM7B mic. This microphone is a favorite among content creators. You can find it in P4wnyhof’s setups, Shortyyguy, and Loeya. So it is not surprising that Varitas also has this microphone. The large-diaphragm dynamic microphone has a frequency range between 50 and 20,000Hz, a nominal impedance 150O and a sensitivities of -59dBV/Pa. The microphone also features an internal shock mount that prevents bump disruptions and an internal pop filter to suppress plosive sounds from the mouth.

The unidirectional, polarized pattern of the swivel-pole polarizer operates at an address that provides noise cancellation by focusing only on frontal inputs. It also has a button to boost presence and a high-press filter switch. It does not need phantom power but you’ll still need an XLR cable or audio interface. However, it does include a lock yoke mounting and a cover for the switch.

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Veritas used a Panasonic LUMIX G7 digital camera. It can take photos at 4k at 30fps (3,840 x 2,160p). It is a high resolution DSLM camera that is much faster than a standard DSLR. It is therefore more suitable to shoot fast-paced content. It also comes equipped with interchangeable lenses, which can record for as much as 480 to 4,000 pixels up to UHD2160p. Additionally, the lens is capable of capturing photographs up to 8mp.

You can adjust the shutter and aperture settings with both the rear and front dials. The ISO settings can be changed on-the-fly thanks to this feature. Six function buttons can also be used to assign any function of your choice. There are many features, including zoom and autofocus. Most of these can also be adjusted on the viewfinder. These features may not be necessary for basic streaming, particularly if broadcasters are just getting started. If this is your situation, it may be worth checking out simple plug-and-play webcams.

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Veritas employs a TC Helicon XLR mixer. This is another common piece of broadcasting gear that makes up Veritas’ gaming set-up. This mixer is ideal for single-channel recordings. It allows one microphone to be input at a given time. You can connect it with an XLR connector or a TRS/TRRS/TRRS jack. The device can deliver up to 70dB gain and +48V of power. The left-hand side of the device has dedicated channels for Music, Chat and System. Every channel comes with its own volume slider and mutes. A headset port is available for audio output.

This is the right side. You can program six buttons with additional effects using the software. This is also how you can set the RGB lighting effects. You can also program preset sounds to create on-the fly effects. The sample area is located in the left-hand corner. For damage control during live recording, a bleep/mute button is located in the bottom right corner.

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Veritas is an FPS streamer who is also the co-host for the POgcast. He was a software engineer at a robotics company and then became a full-time streamer which he still does today. His equipment list included ASUS ROG Swift PC279Q gaming monitor, Logitech

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