A Deep Look at XChocobars’ Gaming Setup

Although XChocobars began growing while she was playing Fortnite, her main reason for growth is because of her personality as well as chat-interaction. Since then, she has been associated with Offline.TV and still lives with Pokimane & Lilypichu.

Logitech G sponsored the xChocobars gaming set-up in late 2020. She had her settings changed in her commands but not in her Twitch bio. We have included a brief summary of her most recent specs below for anyone who is interested in an up-to-date overview of the things she uses to improve her gameplay and produce high quality content.


xChocobars is using an ASUS VG245H gaming monitor. ASUS VG245H monitor is a 24 inch gaming monitor with FHD resolution 1920 x 1080p and a refresh rate maximum of 75Hz @ 1ms. To ensure that the user is in the best position possible, the stand can be adjusted to a great extent. The tilting range is -5deg33deg; swiveling ranges from 90deg90deg to pivoting at 90deg90deg. Height adjustment can be made up to 13cm. You can also remove it from the stand to mount on walls with VESA 100x100mm compatibility.

To reduce screen-tearing or stuttering, it is compatible with AMD FreeSync technology. ASUS Ultra Low Blue Light Technology offers five options for blue light filters to reduce eyestrain and headaches. The overall dimensions of the device are 56.1x(35.948.9)x21.1cm.

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xChocobars use a Logitech Pro X Superlight mouse. xChocobars uses one of the latest Logitech gaming mice. The mouse has five programmable buttons and a symmetrical design. Two of them are on the left thumb side. The mouse is equipped with the Hero 25K optical sensor, which offers 100-25,000 DPI. You can adjust this in increments 50 using the Logitech G hub software. The mouse also has the ability to save up to five profiles. The polling rate is adjustable between 125 to 250Hz, 500, 1000Hz, and a maximum reporting rate of 1ms.

The mouse can run at 400 IPS and has a maximum speed of 40G. It can also last for up to 70 hours. Its lightweight chassis is made of plastic and lacks RGB lighting. You can charge it while using the Logitech Powerplay micepad. It measures 12.5×6.35x4cm (4.9×2.5×1.57 ”),) and can be used with small- to medium-sized hands. The device weighs only 63g (2.22 oz). It also includes a pair of suberized stick-on grips, which can easily be added or taken out depending on your preference.

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xChocobars uses a Logitech Powerplay mousepad. As of this article, the Logitech GPowerplay wireless mousepad is not compatible with any other G502 Lightspeed models. You can choose from either a hard or soft plastic design. Both allow wireless charging of the mice while they are in use. However, the cable will need to be attached to the mousepad’s 1.83m (6ft), to make it work. The mousepad also has LIGHTSYNC RGB lighting around the border and at the top of its logo. The overall dimensions of the unit are 32x1x27.4cm (112.6×0.4×10.8″).

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xChocobars use a Logitech G915 TKL keyboard. XChocobars uses the Logitech G915 TKL white wireless keyboard. The base is made from aircraft-grade aluminum and features low-profile GL Tactile switch switches. It’s topped off with white ABS keycaps. Tactile switches have a “discernable bump” at 50gf with an actuation distance 1.5mm and an actuation force of 50%, for a travel distance total of 2.7mm. You will also find dedicated controls for media and connectivity, along with an LED indicator that warns you if your battery is low at 15%.

The F-keys can be programmed to create three different macro profiles and two lighting profiles. Logitech G Hub software allows you to set these, along with the LIGHTSYNC RGB feature. The dimensions of the device are 36.2 x 15. x 2.25 cm (15.2x 5.9x 0.9’’) and 810g (28.5oz). You can also get it in Black, with additional GL Switch options and a full-size model.

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xChocobars used a Logitech PRO X USB lightspeed headset. The same headset is used by DrLupo, Skadoodle and ChocoTaco. xChocobars chose the wireless headset, which can be charged while it is still wired. The DTS HeadphoneX 2.0 surround sound experience is offered by this version. The TR90 nylon headband is made with stainless steel sliders and glass fiber reinforced nylon joints. It weighs in at 259g (0.82 lbs) and has an over-ear fitting. The dimensions of the item are 17.2×8.17×18.2cm (5.43×3.70×7.68 ).

These earcups are equipped with Hybrid mesh PROG 50mm neodymium driver that offers a 20-20,000Hz frequency at a nominal 32O impedance and a sensitivity and 107 [email protected] The SPL is 30 mW/1cm. There are two options for padding: leatherette-covered or microsuede covered memory foam.

It also features a 4-mm electret condenser microphone that can be detached. The frequency range for this microphone is 100-10,000Hz and has a unidirectional pattern. Blue VO!CE integrates voice filters to reduce noise and make your voice clearer.

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xChocobars uses a TLM 102 mic. TLM102 microphone is available in black or nickel (TLM102 MT). The microphone has a unidirectional, polar pattern which creates noise cancellation by blocking background noise. Although it was designed to record vocals, the device can also be used for louder instruments like drums and percussion.

The sturdy chassis is made of metal and has an internal pop filter to prevent plosive noises from entering recordings. It is small in size but still has a frequency range between 20 and 20,000Hz. This can be increased by the use of high-press filters. The dimensions are 1.6×5.2×9.8×4.6×2.6 . It is powered by an XLR Cable (not included), and needs phantom power 48V. You will therefore need a compatible audio interface.

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xChocobars utilizes a Logitech BRIO Webcam. It is an easy-to-use webcam, capable of recording at up to 4K resolution at 30fps. The clip-on mount can attach easily to flat screen monitors. You also get HD Zoom up to 5x and RightLight3+ HDR correct. It also offers three field-of-view options: 65deg (78deg), and 90deg. The device also features a built-in stereo and omnidirectional microphones, as well as a privacy shutter that can be removed.

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Career. Rose started creating videos on YouTube in November 2013 and live streaming on Twitch in 2015.

Janet started her Twitch and YouTube channel on 2013 and was her League of Legends live streams on Twitch that brought her the recognition she has today.

Otzdarva uses Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO (80Ω) headphones. Otzdarva’s gaming setup includes the 80Ω version of the beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro headphones.25-Oct-2021

Twitch information

Janet Rose (born November 5, 1994), better known by her online alias xChocoBars, is a Canadian Internet personality and Twitch streamer. She is a content creator for Canadian esports organization Luminosity Gaming.

Name Janet Rose
—————- ————————-
Country of Birth Canada
Birthday November 5, 1994 (age 27)
Height 5 ft. 7 (170 cm)
Est. Net Worth $500,000


XChocobars is a gamer who plays Fortnite, but her personality and interaction with chat are more important than the way she plays. Her growth in popularity came because of these factors and not just because of her gameplay. She is sponsored by Logitech G, which changed her settings on

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