A detailed guide on how to stream Switch on Discord

Although some may not view Nintendo consoles as the pinnacle of videogame enthusiasm, reruns of Mario and Animal Crossing are a great way to keep your mind occupied. It can be refreshing to get away from the dull world of PC RPGs. But it may also raise a question: can Switch be streamed on Discord? It might even be on your bucket-list, since you are an avid streamer and love Switch games.

This article will explain how you can stream Nintendo Switch seamlessly on Discord. For all details, read on.

What You Need to Stream Switch to Discord

First of all, ensure you are prepared to stream Switch games from your Discord server. This is everything that you need to stream Switch to Discord.

  • To connect to the Switch, a laptop or pc
  • Software for video playback such as VLC Media and OBS Studios
  • An HDMI card is required to capture video, since there are no HDMI ports
  • Discord App

Discord: How do you stream Nintendo Switch?

These are the steps to streaming Nintendo Switch to Discord.

How to Stream Nintendo Switch on Discord?

First, connect the Nintendo Switch to a Video Card

To establish a steady connection, first insert the Nintendo Switch in the dock. Next connect the USB C ports. Connect the HDMI cable to the Dock. To ensure information transfers to your computer or laptop are seamless, plug the HDMI cable into your dock.

Launch the video card software, and follow the steps. Connect your USB cable to the capture card and switch on Switch.

Step 2 – Switch settings

Next, make sure your Switch settings have been set up correctly to allow you to stream at the highest possible quality. Next, navigate to ” System Settings“, then to TV Resolution. Adjust the resolution to 1080p, and then set the Full Color Range.

Step 3 – Playing via Discord

Next, download and install Discord. If you are having trouble installing Discord, we offer a Discord installation fail guide. Double-click on the speaker icon to join your voice channel. Next, click the screen option that is displayed as a monitor icon and a sharing icon at the bottom. This will allow you to share your screen and will open the Discord app.

You can click on the Applications tab and search for OBS Studios or VLC media players. Finally, you can click on ” Live” to see the thumbnail of what you’re sharing. To stop sharing, tap the tiny with an X inside the thumbnail preview.

Discord Configuration to Switch On Discord

These are the steps you need to follow to enable Discord to stream.

  • Open the capture software from your computer
  • To turn on the Switch, press the Power buttonslocated in the upper left corner.
  • Connect the USB Cable to your capture card and the computer
  • You will now see the Nintendo screen on you PC
  • Open Notepad, or another word-processing software to copy and paste this code successfully:

“C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe” dshow:// :dshow-vdev=”Game Capture HD60 S (Video) (#01)” :dshow-adev=”Game Capture HD60 S (Audio) (#01)” :dshow-aspect-ratio=”16:9” :dshow-audio-samplerate=48000 :dshow-audio-channels=2 :live-caching=0 :dshow-fps=60 to the Notepad

  • It’s okay to forget about it. Visit the VLC and OBS Studios Media Player
  • Select Media and click Open Capture Device.
  • Navigate to Capture Device
  • Change the Capture Mode from DirectShow
  • Select Device Selection, and enter the Audio & Video Device Name as your capture card name.
  • Click here to see more options
  • Copy the copied code and go to Edit Options.
  • To set up your audio card name, follow the steps above
  • The VLC and OBS Studios software will be closed when you close the browser.
  • Go to your desktop and locate VLC shortcut. Right-click it
  • Select Properties and then go to Target
  • Copy the code and paste it on the Target box. Click OK
  • Start the VLC App

Is it possible to stream Switch on Discord without a Capture Card?

You may be wondering if you can stream Nintendo Switch and Discord to Discord with no capture card. But there is one catch. We recommend that you use a capture card if you are looking for the best streaming experience. If this isn’t possible, stream Switch to an Xbox. This is how it works:

  • Connect the Nintendo Switch to the dock and follow the steps above.
  • An Ethernet cable can connect the Xbox One and your computer monitor to an Ethernet port
  • Switch from your OneGuide to Xbox One
  • Get the Xbox App for your computer
  • Find the Xbox app that displays the Switch
  • Start the OBS Studio and VLC software from your computer.


That’s it! You are now ready to stream Nintendo Switch to your Discord account. This is easy and takes only a few moments. If you wish to stream smoothly, a video capture card can be a great idea. To get it right, follow all the instructions. Have fun!

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