A detailed look at JackSepticEye’s gaming setup

Jacksepticeye started slowly building his brand in November 2012. He is well-known for his humor and reactions videos. He won the PewDiePie shoutout video contest in September 2013, which was his big break. Since then, he has seen so many changes that he was able to land a part in Free Guy with Ryan Reynolds. He voiced Q*bert’s character and also has interviewed Brad Pitt as well as Margot Robbie.

We have provided a listing below that includes the equipment jacksepticeye uses in his gaming setup. This is because his stream is heavily influenced by his personality. He is a well-known content creator, with more than 1.5 million subscribers.


Jacksepticeye uses the Logitech G Pro wireless gaming mouse. Although the Logitech Pro wired mouse has the same ergonomic design, it has a different shape than the wireless model. It is rounder and not as streamlined. The wireless mouse is much smaller than its wired counterpart. However, it does have an ambidextrous design. Two programable buttons on the right-thumb aren’t removable and switchable. The wireless version comes with 4 additional buttons, which can be detached or attached from either one or both sides.

The sensor is a PMW3366 optical game sensor with 200- to 12,000 DPI range. It measures 3.81×6.21×11.66cm (1.5 x 7.56x 4.59″) and its dimensions are 3.81×6.21×11.66cm (1.50×7.56×4.59″). It weighs in at 85g (3.2 oz). The cable measures 2.1m (82.68″ long) and can be adjusted through Logitech G hub software to enable the 1 zone LIGHTSYNC RGB as well as 5 profiles onboard. This cable is compatible with Windows 7 and later, as well as macOS 10.11 and later.

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Jacksepticeye uses the Logitech G Pro keyboard. Jacksepticeye uses the same gaming keyboard that HighDistortion, chocoTaco, and TSM_Viss. The keyboard is made of solid plastic and has a steel backplate to ensure stability. You can set the function keys with macros using the Logitech HUB Software, as well as the LIGHTSYNC RGB light. The Romer G keycaps are attached to Clicky GX Blue switches. The switches have a travel distance of 3.2 mm and an actuation distance 1.5mm.

You can adjust the angle of this device to 0, 4 or 8 degrees. It also has rubber feet that prevent it sliding. It measures 3.4×36.1×15.3cm (14.9×1.97×6.3cm) and weighs in at 980g (2.16lbs). This device is compatible with macOS 10.10 or later and Windows 7 and higher.

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Jacksepticeye uses the Sennheiser MKH416P48U3 microphone. MKH416P48U3 is a condenser supercardioid microphone. It has a shotgun tube construction and a metal structure. The frequency range is 40-20,000Hz. It has a sensitive of -32dBV/Pa, and an SPL maximum of 130dB. The nominal impedance of the device is 25Ohm and its noise equivalent is 13dB. To run, it requires 48+- 12V Phantom Power. This will require the purchase of an additional XLR cable as well as the appropriate audio-interface.

The package includes an external windscreen and quick-release clip, as well as a case.

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Jacksepticeye used a Sony a7R III camera. Sony a7R II mirrorless cameras have a 100–25600 base ISO that can be increased to 50-102,400 ISO. The camera has 1260p video resolution and full-frame 5-axis image stabilization. It can record full frame at 4k at 30p at 42.4MP. The Exmor RCMOS 35mm sensor and 399 focal-plan phase-detection autofocus points provide a hybrid focus.

Its dimensions and weight are 127x96x60mm (9.61×6.10×5.67″) and 625g (3lbs).

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Jacksepticeye uses a TC Helicon GoXLR mixing console. The TC Helicon GoXLR mixer is a popular choice. It can be seen in setups like CallMeCarson and NateHill. Therefore, it is not surprising that the TC Helicon GoXLR appears in jacsepticeye’s gaming setup.

The compact mixer can be used to connect one headset and either an XLR microphone or one TRS/TRRS/TRRS mic at once. You can control your microphone, music and system inputs from the left-hand side. Each slider has its own mute but. You can divide the right-hand half into two sections. The top section provides voice effects like pitch echo or gender-bending. While the lower portion controls samples that can be used during live podcasts, the bottom part allows you to program them. You can also use the bleep and mute buttons.

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Jacksepticeye, who is a well-known content creator, is known for his humor, reactions videos, and interviews. He started slowly building his brand in November 2012 through a series of videos. He won the PewDiePie shoutout video contest in September 2013 which was his big break

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