A detailed look at M0E_TV’s gaming setup

Since his debut in 2006, m0e_tv is a part of Counter-Strike’s pro scene. He also joined the Twitch streaming community in October 2012. He is still a major player in this category despite being ill. His chat engagement, game knowledge and passion are the main reasons he is still a major player in the category. We have listed below the specifications that m0e_tv uses in order to maximize his gaming skills.


M0e_tv has an LG Ultragear 27GN950B monitor. The LG donated the monitor to m0e_tv for their gaming system. The 27″ gaming monitor has a UHD resolution (3840x2160p) at a refresh rate 144Hz with a 1ms response time. The monitor’s brightness can be adjusted to 400cd/m2 with Sphere Lighting c.2.0 and Black Stabilizer. It also has Nvidia G-Sync, AMD FreeSync compatibility and 1ms motion blur reduction for smoother gaming.

Its stand is adjustable to allow the user to choose the most comfortable view. It has a viewing angle between 178o and178, height adjustment of between 29.2-57.2cm (11.5-22.5″), pivoting, and VESA wall mounting options. The screen also features a 4-Side Virtually Unbound Design, which allows seamless viewing of multi-screen displays.

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Logitech G703 Wireless Mouse used by m0e_tv Logitech G703 Wireless mouse is for left-handed users that prefer a claw or palm grip. The mouse boasts an optical sensor Hero 25K that can adjust in increments 50 to provide a range between 100 and 25,600 dpi. The mouse can store up to four dpi profiles. The mouse can track at speeds up to 400 IPS and a maximum acceleration of 40G.

For added control and comfort, the device is made from plastic. It has rubberized sidegrips. Logitech G Hub software allows you to program six buttons and 2-zone LIGHTSYNC RGB. The dimensions of the device are 12.4×6.8×4.29cm (4.8×2.68×1.69’’) make them more accessible to people with smaller or larger hands. You can choose from 95g (3.35oz.) or 105g (3.71oz.).

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Sennheiser HD598 SR headphones are used by m0e_tv. They have been discontinued. These headphones were originally open-backed. However, they have been replaced by the Sennheiser HD598 Cs closed-backed model. The SR has a frequency range between 12 and 38,500Hz at 50 while the Cs ranges from 10 to 28,000 Hz at 23.

You can find them on Amazon, either second-hand or refurbished.

Amazon has the Sennheiser HD598 SR.

Amazon has the Sennheiser HD598 Cs


m0e_tv employs a Shure SM7B mic. It’s not surprising that m0e_tv now uses the Shure SM7B microphone in its gaming setup. This is because it is an extremely popular microphone among streamers. Blaustoise and CallMeCarsonLIVE are just a few of the other users.

The microphone is dynamic and has a cardioid pattern. It offers 50-20,000Hz frequency range at 150O nominal impedance. Sensitivity of -59dBV/Pa. The microphone has an internal pop filter to cut down on interference from plosive sound, and a front-address. They help produce a flat response cure and enhance the base. It also has an electrically-interruptible windscreen that can be detached. This device is particularly effective at recording inputs from vocal and bass instruments.

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M0e_tv is using a Herman Miller Embody Chair. Herman Miller Embody chairs have an ergonomic design to distribute pressure, support healthy body alignment and provide support for good posture. It has carpet casters and fully adjustable arms to accommodate different body sizes and shapes.

The integrated Herman Miller backfit adjustment technology from Herman Miller allows users to adjust the backrest in accordance with their natural curve. The armrests are adjustable in height from 16.51 to 29.21 cm (6.5” to 11.5”), and can be moved outwardly between 30.48 and 53.34cm (12 ”.)). The overall dimensions of the unit are 71.1×71.1×62.2cm (82.8x28x24.5″).

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m0e_tv is a pro player in the esports community and a member of the Counter-Strike professional scene who has been active since 2006. In October 2012, he joined the Twitch streaming community. His chat engagement, game knowledge and passion are what have made him a major player in his category

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