A detailed look at Muselk’s gaming setup

Muselk, an Australian YouTuber who started in 2014 has been online since. Muselk has been streaming Twitch occasionally since November 2016. He signed up with YouTube Gaming in January to stream exclusively with him and other ex-Click House members. He started as a Team Fortress 2main and then moved to PUBG. Since late 2017, he has been working on Fortnite. His sense of humor and memes are well-known. He also joined the Click House to improve his FPS skills. Here is a list of all the peripherals Muselk uses in his gaming system. We are unable to identify the set of silver beyerdynamic DTs that his headphone comes with, so we have not included it.


This monitor is used by Muselk. It has a resolution of 2760×1440 and a refresh rate of 1ms at 144Hz. The Nano IPS screen covers 98% DCI-P3 colors. It also offers a pixel pitch (0.2331 x 0.2331 mm) and a brightness (350cd/m2). It also integrates with many helpful technologies, such as Nvidia GSync, AMD FreeSync, and Black Stabilizer, which brighten dark scenes in fights. There are many adjustment options available, including tilting, height-raising, pivoting and tilting. This screen can be mounted on VESA walls.

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This mouse is called the HyperX Pulsefire Suge. It is wired and equipped with an optical Pixart 3290 sensor. It has a range of 100 to 16,000 DPI that can be adjusted by increments of 1. There are preset levels for 400, 800 and 1600 DPI. The maximum speed at which it can track is 450 IPS. It also has a max acceleration of 50G. You can also enjoy dynamic RGB 360deg lighting effects. HyperX NGenuity allows you to set these, along with six macro profiles.

The body is symmetrical, but the side buttons can only be found on the thumb-side. Claw and Palm are easy to grip thanks to their 11.94x 6.35x 4.06cm (4.75x 2.5×1.6”), dimensions. For users with smaller or larger hands, Claw or Palm can be used comfortably. The software allows for the swapping of the left and right clicker functions to make it easier to use left-handed. The scroll wheel, DPI and DPI buttons are also programable. You can set these with as many as three macro gaming profiles. These skates are large and allow for effortless gliding.

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Muselk uses the HyperX FPS RGB keyboard. The full-size keyboard measures 44.2x13x3.6cm (17.4×5.1×1.4’’) and it is made from solid steel with Kailh Silver Speed fixed switches. It also has double-shot PBT keycaps. They are non-hot-swappable, and the switches have a low profile design. The switch actuates at 1mm with a force 40G. The switches are 100% resistant to ghosting and have N-key rollover. You can also customize RGB lighting effects per key and five levels of brightness. It can store as many as three macro profiles onboard.

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This is A Shure SM7B microphone. It’s a dynamic microphone that uses a unidirectional polar pattern. It picks up all audio from the source, but side and background sounds are nearly inaudible. It also features an internal shock mount that muffles handling sounds and an internal pop filter to reduce plosive noises from disturbing recordings.

The flat frequency range from 50 to 20,000Hz allows for effective capture of vocals as well as bass instruments. The SNR is 33dB (1,[email protected]), the sensitivity at -59dBV/Pa, and the nominal impedance at 150O. It also has a high-press filter switch and a presence booster button. The sturdy construction of the cartridge is due to its steel protective case and enamel aluminum material. The device requires an XLR-compatible and audio interface but not phantom powered.

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Musselk has a Sony a7III camera. He switched from the Lumix model he had previously used. The camera is semi-professional and features a Exmor RCMOS 24.2MP sensor. The main construction is made from high-rigidity magnesia alloy material, which makes it extremely durable. It weighs in at 295g (or 10.5 oz.). The 4K QFHD resolution is at 10fps, with selectable aspect ratios (either 3:2 oder 16:9). The base ISO ranges from 100 to 51,200 ISO, which can be increased by a compatible Sony E-mount lens up to 50 to 204,800 ISO. You also have 693 phase detection automaticfocus points. It is measured at 126.9x 95.6×73.7mm (5.5 x 3.76×3.88 x 3 ”.)).

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Muselk is using a TC Helicon GoXLR mixer. A TC Helicon G0XLR four-channel mixer. The left-side has dedicated volume sliders, mute buttons, and chat and music input buttons. You can connect the microphone to either an TS/TRSTRRS or XLR jack. The mixer has a +48V phantom power and is capable of providing mic inputs. Splitting the right-hand side into three sections is next. You can customize the software to add six buttons and several pre-set effects. Split into two sections, the bottom section can have a section with sample sounds that can be used for live effects as well as temporary damage control for mic mutes and bleep-outs. All of the controls are also possible to be configured with RGB backlighting.

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Bazza, Crayator, Mully, Mrfreshasian, Tannar, Lufu, Lazarbeam, and Muselk are all members of the group, and are all gaming YouTubers/streamers who gained a lot of popularity from their Fortnite content.

Elliott was in a relationship with ‘The Voice Australia’ star and singer Liv Bevan. They were in a relationship for 2 years. But, Liv announced on twitter in July 2020, that they were no longer together, but remained good friends.

What mouse is Muselk using? Muselk uses the HP OMEN 600 .

age 27

Click Crew members Lazarbeam and Muselk to stream exclusively on YouTube. Australian YouTubers and members of The Click Crew, Elliot ‘Muselk’ Watkins and Lannon ‘Lazarbeam’ Eacott, have announced they will exclusively stream on YouTube going forward.13-Jan-2020


“Muselk, an Australian YouTuber who started in 2014 has been online since. Muselk has been streaming Twitch occasionally since November 2016. He signed up with YouTube Gaming in January to stream exclusively with him and other ex-Click House members.”

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