A Guide To Join NoPixel’s Public GTA RP Server

The GTA RP has seen a surge in popularity due to streamers and content creators creating content. It is becoming more popular and players are eager to participate.

Players would love to be a part of NoPixel, the server most in demand for GTA RP. It is difficult for smaller players to make donations and wait for invitations to join. However, there is an open version of NoPixel that everyone can use.

The NoPixel Public RP Server is an easy option that everyone can join. This is a guideline that will show you how to join this public server.

Step 1. Download GTA V. You can purchase it at Epic Game Store or Steam.

Step 2 : Download FiveM. This mod must be downloaded in order to access GTA RP server. The mod allows users to join their own servers.

Step 3 – Create an account at NoPixel. This is an easy process. Players will need to enter their username, Epic Games ID, Steam, birth date, and YouTube/twitch channel. Players will then need to connect their Discord account to the server.

Step 4 – Players need to connect to the public servers once they have registered.

Step 5 After connecting to the server, players will be prompted to wait. This is because there are many players trying to join the game simultaneously. If players purchase the monthly subscription to the server at the appropriate tiers (tier 1 $30, Tier 2 $100 and Tier 3 $250 respectively), they will be able jump the queue.

Step 6 – Players may now begin playing once their queue has been cleared. To avoid being banned or reported, players must adhere to all rules.


– Step 1- Download GTA 5. As a first step, Players need to download a legitimate copy of GTA 5 on their desktops.
– Step 2- Download FiveM.
– Step 3- Create an account.
– Step 4- Connect to the public server.
– Step 5- Queue up.
– Step 6- Start Playing!

As previously mentioned, NoPixel costs about $10K in server costs every month.

The NoPixel Public RP server offers an easier alternative. This server allows everyone to join and thus is a boon for beginners who are unable to join the NoPixel whitelisted server and don’t really care about broadcasting to a Twitch audience.15-Jul-2021

The NoPixel server is one of the best GTA RP servers active right now both in terms of functionality and the quality of role-playing seen in it. Most streamers and YouTubers play on the whitelisted version of the NoPixel server, which only admits experienced RP players.20-Oct-2021

NoPixel GTA RP public server tier pricing If you aren’t a fan of waiting in long queues then you can pay your way to the top of the priority list.14-Jun-2021


GTA RP has seen a surge in player popularity in recent years due to content creators streaming and creating content. Players are eager to participate and NoPixel, the server most in demand for GTA RP, seems to be the perfect place for them. While smaller players may try joining NoPixel with donations or wait

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