A Warzone Glitch During $75K Tourney

While he was playing in the $75,000 Tournament, a Pacific bug transformed a Call of Duty: Warzone streamer’s parachute into a wrecked plane.

No one is shocked when major update or new games introduce bugs. Warzone: Pacific was even less surprising, with the departure of quality assurance testers, which raised more questions.

Some bugs can be too bizarre to ignore. A player’s friend was transformed into an enormous grenade by his teammate. This is a particularly funny example. Although a new instance could be amusing, it happened at the worst time.

Buzro was awarded his Gulag during the Twitch Rivals $75,000 Tournament. He attempted to return to action, but when he attempted to parachut down, he became a plane and then a person and finally a plane.

As you can see, Buzro won his Gulag by performing some good jump moves. He returns to Caldera after that and seems to change into the redeploy aircraft. He had already switched five times from parachuter to plane before he reached the ground.

He can be heard asking for help from the spirits of the game.

This bug is causing other pros to request more delays for tournaments. Aydan is Warzone’s highest-earning pro and he said that he was “in disbelief” tournaments were even happening right now.

Knight and other members of the community have also asked for a way to “postpone tournaments” so that the event isn’t completely ruined.

The cause of the plane-transformation-and-crash bug is unknown, but it’s far from the only issue developers are dealing with right now. Players were originally looking forward to an update on weapon balance, but a bug fix patch should take priority.

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