Aceu No-Scope Kraber Headshot

Aceu, a former Apex Legends Pro and present Twitch streamer stunned audiences when he won an Apex Legends match by landing a noscope Kraber almost by accident.

Aceu streamed the photo last week. Aceu is seen inspecting his weapon and then miraculously landing the headshot against his opponent in order to win the match. Aceu claims that the champion screen will appear after the bullet hits his enemy.

It’s quite common for a Kraber to one-shot an opponent but it is rarer for a Kraber to win a match using a Kraber headshot.

A Kraber can land a headshot on any enemy regardless of their helmet level or whether they possess the Fortified passive such as Gibraltar or Caustic. This makes it particularly lethal. Because of its firepower, it is still part of the care package weapon arsenal.

Although the clip can be reduced to one lucky shot, NRG Apex’s former pro-turned-level streamer isn’t unusual in his style of play. There have been many thrilling escapes, as well as shots of mid-air targets. All these clips were captured on Twitch and available for replay. He now appears to have another clip in his growing collection of shots and outplays.

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