Aceu: Wraith is the Worst Character in Apex Legends

Wraith is, according to Aceu (NRG Twitch streamer, former Apex Legends player), the most weak character on Apex’s roster.

Wraith is a favorite character of the community, and many players have chosen her to be their main character since Apex Legends’ 2019 debut. Even though she isn’t the dominating force in Seasons 1, 2 and 3, her Interdimensional Skirmisher has an 11.4% pick rate for Season 10. Octane is the second-most popular Legend in the game, behind her.

Aceu, a former professional player isn’t sure she’s realistic. Aceu said that Wraith players still lock on her and dodge bullets in the Void. He called Wraith the worst character in Apex, and suggested that viewers instead play other Legends.

Aceu was asked by a viewer whether Octane is better than Wraith in his live broadcast on September 27, 2012. Much to many’s surprise, Aceu called the Interdimensional Skirmisher “the worst character” in Apex Legends.

Respawn claims that her previous heavy nerfs have made her a ghost, which has left her far less wealthy than other meta characters. Aceu most likely refers to the Tactical delay, which prevents her from entering the Void immediately. The release had an immediate effect, which made it easy to evade opponents.

He said that Wraith was the most evil character in the videogame, and the one they were trying to destroy.

Aceu suggests Octane instead of Wraith. Tap strafing remains an option in the game making it a high-tier choice. Aceu also recommends Horizon for manipulating gravity and lifts to give your opponent an edge.

Although it is obvious that aceu exaggerates when he refers to Wraith as the worst in the game’s history, it shows how far her opinion has fallen and what the nerfs are having on her kit.

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