Adin Ross Opens up About “Fake Swatting”

Rising twitch star Adin Ross who recently got swatted during live broadcast on a fan meet up has now revealed some details about the swatting as he stated that the “fake swatting” was set up by his friend.

Twitch streamer Adin Ross has been banned recently from twitch because he was caught texting while driving during his live stream. Adin soon owned up to his mistake and claimed that he deserved the ban. It was a 7-day ban but he was unbanned early as twitch unbanned him surprisingly only two days later.

Then during his return on the platform, Adin Ross was seemingly swatted during a live broadcast when he was doing a fan meet up and he was also arrested while shopping at a footwear store in a mall. The swatting has received a mixed response from the netizens as some users speculated that the swatting was fake. Now, in an interview with paparazzi on July 15th, Adin Ross spoke further on the “fake swatting” incident where he claimed he’d been set up by a friend of his.

Here’s what he said; “One of my boys, he just like set me up on that s**t, it was f**ked up. He set me up on some fake s**t, trying to f**k with me. Before, I was like, ‘I’m not getting arrested for this s**t, no way.’ We actually had a real SWAT team pull up, it was f**king crazy. Melrose got shut down for a little bit. But, you know, it opened back up, and everything was good.”

The incident was certainly frightening but it seems to have all been a prank, and Ross seems to be taking the issue quite well, as he was caught meeting up with the friend who’d pranked him during the paparazzi interview.



On May 10, 2021, Ross revealed that he would be donating 10% of his Twitch revenue per month to a charity of his audience’s choice. On May 29, Ross received a 24-hour Twitch ban as he was streaming GTA V. The ban was reportedly over Ross simulating sexual acts in game.

Adin Ross has struggled with health issues for years, including a problem with his stomach. In 2020, the content creator was forced to cancel a stream because of an issue he had bloodwork done for. A few months later, he updated fans on the situation.19-Aug-2021

Ross continued to question her, saying, “I’m asking you, like, you’re not white right?” His girlfriend responded that she wasn’t sure because of the following reason: “I don’t know, my dad is Arab and my mom is European.”09-Dec-2021

For the uninitiated, swatting is a cruel prank in which someone will call the police on a streamer and say that they’ve committed some kind of heinous crime in order to elicit a response from law enforcement, who in turn will likely show up with a SWAT team to the streamer’s address (hence the term “swatting”).11-Feb-2022

Adin David Ross (born October 11, 2000), previously known as Adin2Huncho, is an American Twitch streamer known for streaming Grand Theft Auto V and NBA 2K on his channel.

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