Adin Ross Smashes Controller

Fast-rising streamer on Twitch, Adin Ross has recently ended up smashing his controller after losing a high-stakes wager match in Splitgate.

Losing in a multiplayer game can often result in a lot of frustration, and many players have taken it out on their controllers over the years.

This is exactly what happened to Twitch star Adin Ross during his recent live broadcast after he lost a high-stakes wager match in Splitgate. Splitgate is taking the gaming world by storm right now, exploding in popularity across PC, PlayStation, and Xbox to become one of the most played games in recent weeks. The online multiplayer arena shooter has quickly developed a dedicated fanbase, attracting attention from big-name streamers in the process.

Twitch streamer Adin Ross is one of the biggest streamers who recently competed in a high stakes Splitgate wager match, however, it didn’t go exactly as he would’ve wanted.

During the match, Adin Ross put up $20,000 in a Splitgate wager match against fellow Twitch streamer yourrage. Unfortunately for Ross, he was outmatched by yourrage, ultimately losing the 1v1 Free for All match 12 points to 3. Adin Ross didn’t take the loss very well and took his anger out on his controller, smashing it against the desk in rage.

Despite this, Adin did still offer “good game, bro,” to his competitor after logging off. Yourrage on the other hand couldn’t help but show off about the fact that he’d taken $20k off Adin Ross. Before ending his stream, he decided to celebrate with his chat and even demanded that Ross send him all of the money by the morning.


Twitch streamer Adin Ross smashed his controller after losing a high-stakes wager match in Splitgate, where he put up $20,000. His competitor showed off to the viewers and demanded that Ross send him the winnings.

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