Album Plan for SlipStream and Riot Games

‘Streamer-friendly’ or ‘DMCA-proof’ albums have become a thing in 2021, following an uptick in music copyright takedowns targeting Twitch. In August, music licensing company SlipStream released one curated by professional Fortnite player Cody Conrod, just a month after League of Legends publisher Riot Games released its own ‘creator-safe’ lo-fi beats album. These two companies are now collaborating in a logical progression.


‘Sessions: Diana’ is the second in Riot Games’ planned series of albums, and it includes 43 tracks that can “be safely used in livestreams and video content” without fear of being taken down. SlipStream is an album partner and will make it available for free to users of its service, which now has over 100,000 tracks and sound effects for online video creators. The album is also available for purchase through streaming services.

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