Alinity on Twitch Leak

Despite the enormous Twitch leaks, popular Twitch streamer Natalia Mogollon aka Alinity has found a silver lining to highlight that not everyone is made out for her line of work.

On October 6, the whole internet was shocked by a big Twitch leak, exposing the earnings of the Amazon-owned platform’s top streamers. Twitch is still looking into the hack and will keep users updated as more information becomes available. While the leak did not include sponsorship arrangements, it did provide users an idea of how much money Pokimane, xQc, Hasan, and others make on the platform.

For others, the chance to make millions on Twitch may appear to be a fantastic reason to start broadcasting. The leak, however, highlights why individuals shouldn’t stream for the money, according to Alinity.

She wrote in a series of tweets; “This leak should be proof that you shouldn’t become a streamer for the money, very few people make it. I don’t think any of us that started before 2013 said, ‘Wow, I am going to press GO LIVE to be a millionaire,’ and neither should you.”

Alinity started her YouTube channel in late 2012 and has already attracted over 1.4 million subscribers. As a result, she’s amassed a sizable following of followers who are enthusiastic about her work. In comparison to the rest of the site, she’s in the minority.

In a follow up tweet, she wrote; “My math is really bad, so please correct me if I am wrong: Out of 8 million active streamers in Sept 2021, only 6,000 make minimum wage. That is 0.075%, So, let’s say streamers make double what their Twitch earnings are. That means that 7,500 streamers make minimum wage. That STILL doesn’t put them above the top 1% of Twitch.”

The statistics don’t simply pertain to Twitch. When questioned if streamers would make more or less money on YouTube, she then how much she earns from the rival platform stating; “I don’t know what YouTube stats are like. But I am guessing they look a lot, if not worse, than Twitch’s. I have 100k subscribers on YT, and only make a few thousand a year. Now, YT is better for discoverability to BRING people to Twitch, but not for revenue.”

Alinity only uploads one YouTube video per month, so her figures may differ from those of others, but the point remains the same: making money on Twitch is difficult.

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