Alinity Tried To Expose Emiru

After claiming she’d found a suspicious item in the room, Twitch star Alinity left Emiru’s chat hanging on her every word, but it turns out it was much less explicit than some expected.

Emiru was joined by her friend Alinity during a January 16th stream, and she couldn’t believe what she saw sitting beneath her fellow streamer’s desk. For a brief moment, it appeared that something potentially very personal was about to be broadcast live on the internet.

The headgear is clearly intended to be worn as part of a cosplay. Alinity, on the other hand, only saw a portion of it — the part that clearly looks like something else.

It’s actually meant to represent the headwear of Yanfei, a character from Genshin Impact, as Emiru explained.

If Alinity – and the viewers watching along – learn anything from this, it’s not to jump to conclusions. Fortunately for Emiru, there was little to be embarrassed about when it was caught on camera, and it turned out to be a hilarious moment.

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