Alissa Violet Sued FaZe Clan

Internet personality Alissa violet has brought a million-dollar lawsuit against FaZe Clan. It is based on a 2018 deal that promised her shares in a company which was closely associated with the esports organisation.

The Washington Post reports that Violet’s lawsuit stems from several suits she and FaZe had previously been involved in against companies. Hubrick Limited is the company at issue. FaZe’s shares were offered to Violet for Clout Gang shares. FaZe and Alissa Violet sued Hubrick Limited for fraud, but a countersuit was filed.

The relationship between them did not go to plan. Violet, FaZe Clan and Clout Gang sued Hubrick in 2018, claiming that Hubrick was a fraudster. Hubrick filed a countersuit, claiming that the company had done exactly the same. Violet claims that she reached an oral agreement with FaZe to end the legal dispute between Hubrick and her, which meant that her stock in her company was subject to sale. FaZe promised Violet stock in the esports organisation to make up the difference.

Violet claims that she did not receive the Faze shares promised to her. This is why Violet filed this case — an undisclosed amount. Bryan Freedman (Violet’s attorney) stated in a statement that Faze Clan was being sued for promising to pay Alissa a compensation when she asked her to give up her Hubrick stock. She also asked to drop her claims against Hubrick. Alissa wouldn’t have needed to sue Faze Clan if Faze Clan had not abided to its promise to her.

Although we don’t know the exact amount being requested, FaZe CEO Lee Trink told us via email that they believe things can be resolved without much controversy. FaZe CEO Lee Trink said in an email that any dispute or disagreement, no matter how small or large, can create stories. We are in constant communication regarding this matter and we feel confident that it will be settled amicably .”

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