All roads lead to margaritas at Clico . restaurant

If afternoon tequila drinks can be excused as part of the World Margarita Day celebrations, we’d love to join you at Clico Restaurant.

World Margarita Day was celebrated on February 26 and The The throwdowntv had the opportunity to celebrate at Clico Boutique Hotel & Restaurant in Rosebank, Johannesburg.

The modern all white dining area with eye catching artwork is great for special occasions, we couldn’t help but think what a great place Clico is for a first date or couples dinner.

Clico’s restaurant has specialty tapas and creative margarita cocktails that cost from R360 per person to R1,300 per person.

Mixologist Sandile Mavuso took us through the margarita cocktails which were chili infused margarita, the tequila, El Jimador Reposado and Cointreau served in a mixed fruit compote with salt rim glass and garnished with a dehydrated orange.

Berry margarita from restaurant Clico. Photo: Sandisiwe Mbhele

But we first sampled the berry margarita served in a balsamic reduction-salt rimmed glass and garnished with an edible flour. The El Jimador tequila is quite boozy and impressive, while the berry is sweet as the balsamic is meant to cut down on the sweetness. The cocktails complimented the food as you have to enjoy the flavors of the tapas as the cocktails are strong.

The other star anise-inspired margarita cocktails supported the citrus and licorice flavors and the classic margarita.

WATCH: World Margarita Day at Clico Restaurant

For the tapas, we were first given the chef’s choice, which included pulled pork sliders, jalapeno poppers, shrimp and chorizo ​​kebabs and Korean-style lamb ribs. Our favorite was the shrimp and chorizo ​​kebab, the shrimp was cooked perfectly and the Korean seasoning from the lamb made the dish, but the pork sliders needed seasoning to balance out the slaw.

With a big appetite we were graciously given the chance to choose our own four tapas. We chose the fried halloumi, mini vegetable rabbit food, fish goujons and fried calamari.

The The throwdowntv loved this one, the vegetable bunny chow was flavored like a classic Durban curry, delicious. Halloumi is our favorite cheese so there were no complaints and the seafood was delicious with the batter.

Since we had quite a few margaritas, we needed more food in our system, and tapas are generally treated as appetizers.

This served as the perfect excuse for main courses and desserts.

Special mention on the starters menu is the watermelon and ricotta salad with honey infused crispy Parma ham and fried baby squid with black rice salad finished with lobster bisque – they were divine.

The main menu of restaurant Clico is a perfect match for both meat eaters and vegetarians.

Dining area of ​​the Clico Restaurant. Photo: Tracy Lee Stark

The seared fish with warm couscous salad, spicy mixed fruit with chickpea puree, ticked all the boxes and the dessert, vegan mango sorbet and panna cotta.

The panna cotta passed the shake test but the mango flavor of the sorbet was lacking, especially the texture of the panna cotta which was so good.

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