All Time Greatest McDonald’s Menu Items

There may be no better or more well-known brand than McDonald’s golden arches. It is universally adored and has become a fixture of modern life. What began as a small company in San Bernardino has grown to approximately 40,000 establishments in over 100 countries worldwide. It’s not the healthiest place to grab a bite, but there is no denying the impact they have had on the fast-food industry.

Here are the most popular items McDonald’s has had over its 75-year existence.


Double Cheeseburger

When it was launched on the now-famous Dollar Menu, the double cheeseburger grabbed McDonald’s by storm. Even though it’s a basic combination of two hamburger patties and two slices of cheese, it benefited McDonald’s in ways that no other hamburger on the menu could.

Due to its low cost and incredible flavor, the double cheeseburger helped McDonald’s resurrect sales after recording its first major losses in 2003. Today, many customers order the double cheeseburger, demonstrating that it and the Dollar Menu were a smashing success.



The McChicken is a modest sandwich made out of a breaded chicken patty, lettuce, and mayonnaise. In 1980, the McChicken was taken off the menu after failing to meet sales demands. After being reintroduced in 1988, the chicken sandwich was taken off the menu in 1996.

Due to high demand, the McChicken was brought back to the delight of many. It is not only excellent, but its ongoing resurrection demonstrates just how popular it is with customers.



The McFlurry is a dessert classic that serves as an excellent substitute for a milkshake. The McFlurry has been a McDonald’s staple since its debut, owing to its inexpensive cost and its personalized touch to the dessert. While the soft-serve ice cream on its own is delicious, the variety of toppings available for the McFlurry elevates it to a whole new level of deliciousness.



McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish consists of a fried pollock patty, a steamed bun, tartar sauce, and a slice of cheese. It was the first non-hamburger menu item released by McDonald’s in 1962.

It was offered to please religious folks who could not eat meat on Fridays. With 380 calories per Filet-O-Fish, this sandwich is a delicious option for individuals trying to keep their caloric intake under control.



Similar to the McFlurry, the McDonald’s sundae allows customers to customize their orders to fit their own particular preferences. It comes with soft-serve ice cream and your choice of strawberry, caramel, or hot fudge sauce.

The sundae contains over 350 calories, approximately the same as the Filet-O-Fish. While some may avoid the sundae because of its high caloric content, there is no doubting its sweet taste and widespread appeal.


Egg McMuffin

The trademark Egg McMuffin sandwich consists of a slice of Canadian bacon, a fried egg, and a slice of cheese sandwiched between two English muffins. Until the debut of the McMuffin, fast food restaurants only offered lunch and dinner.

However, with the launch of the McMuffin, McDonald’s expanded their menu to include breakfast items. A favorite of breakfast aficionados, it helped the restaurant establish itself as the king of fast food.


Quarter Pounder

The Quarter Pounder is an aptly named burger as it contains a quarter pound of beef and is topped with pickles, onions, cheese, ketchup, and mustard. The Quarter Pounder was invented in 1971 and made available across the country a year later. As a result of its continued popularity among individuals with large appetites, it became one of McDonald’s most enduring items.


Chicken McNuggets

McDonald’s renowned Chicken McNuggets debuted nationwide in 1983 and are comprised of battered and deep-fried boneless chunks of chicken. The inclusion of a dipping sauce also accommodates personal preferences. While the McNugget has its share of controversy regarding ingredients and preparation methods, it is unquestionably one of the most delicious.


French Fries

McDonald’s French fries are renowned across the world for their distinct flavor and texture. While many other fast food joints provide thick fries, McDonald’s serves a thinner fry that is topped with a generous amount of salt.

The fries are available in various sizes and can be eaten alone or with any McDonald’s meal. As much as folks may debate about McDonald’s cuisine, there is no doubting the heavy influence that McDonald’s fries have had on fast food culture.


Big Mac

For over 50 years, the Big Mac has been a staple of McDonald’s menus worldwide. The burger’s popularity has stayed consistent throughout the years, thanks to a catchy 1974 jingle that listed all of its renowned ingredients and the famed special sauce that served to define the burger’s unique taste. People can’t get enough of them, which is why the Big Mac tops our list of McDonald’s food items.

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