Amazon Prime Video España Twitch Channel Is Banned

After a case of intentional nudity was displayed on stream, the Amazon Prime Video Espana Twitch channel was banned from the platform. This is the first time the Prime Video channel has been blocked, and it’s also the first time any Amazon-affiliated channel has been blocked on the company’s own streaming platform.

The last episode of “Esto Es Un Late,” a regular sponsored program featuring several popular Spanish-speaking streamers, was scheduled to air on Prime Video in 2021. The broadcast, which was hosted by comedian Henar lvarez and musician Mster Jägger, featured several guests at a Christmas dinner.

The stream veered off course after a few hours. Henar lvarez, the host, threatened to flash the stream or shut it down. The stream abruptly cut away and ended shortly after lvarez made his statement.

The Spanish Amazon account was banned the next morning, according to the Streamer Bans account. The length of the ban is unknown; for first-time offenders, bans for nudity or sexually suggestive content can last anywhere from three days to a month. Despite the fact that the nudity was only visible for a few seconds, it appears to be the reason for the prohibition.

lvarez jokingly tweeted about the Amazon ban minutes after it was announced, acknowledging the ban. Since then, the tweet has been removed. According to Dot Esports, co-host Mster Jägger tweeted that “Esto es un Late” was “the best fucking show in the world.”

Twitch is owned by Amazon, which has launched programs such as Twitch Prime and Twitch Rivals. This is the first time Amazon has been prohibited from operating on its own platform. The Prime Video Espaa channel will be unavailable for the foreseeable future, perhaps as an example of the website’s equal distribution of punishments.

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