Amazon’s Ambitious Goals

One of the largest companies in the world launched and shut down last year a huge-budget videogame.

The game’s name was “Crucible”, and it’s possible that this is your first encounter with the title. “Crucible,” despite being available for free on Steam (the world’s biggest gaming platform), was quickly removed from the top 100 list. After years of work and millions of dollars, Amazon silently killed “Crucible”, five months later.

It was emblematic for Amazon’s long struggle to enter the lucrative gaming market, from its failed set top box project, to Amazon Luna, its currently under-the radar video game streaming service.

Christoph Hartmann, Amazon Gaming Vice President, is not bothered by Amazon Gaming’s past that dates back at most to 2014.

Hartmann stated in a recent interview that “My personal goal” is to develop 2-3 AAA live-service AAA games that can capture millions of users and remain on the market for 10+ year.

This is an ambitious goal that only few developers have achieved. Only so many “League of Legends”, “Overwatch” video games are available.

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