Amazon’s ‘Play On Luna’

Stadia users will be able to join streamers and other gamers with the press of a button that will be placed on YouTube live streams, according to Google. It’s been over a year since that button was last seen, and Google’s in-house Stadia game development studio was shut down. Twitch has added a ‘Play on Luna’ button to supported games, allowing gamers to launch titles directly from the streaming platform, according to a streamer.

Vet Cloud Gaming was the first to notice the ‘Play on Luna’ button on YouTube (via 9to5Google). It’s not surprising that Amazon has begun to integrate its own Luna cloud gaming platform into Twitch, the world’s most popular streaming platform.

Users who have already signed up for Luna will see the integration, which will likely encourage more people to try out and sign up for Amazon’s Luna gaming service.

Amazon and Twitch appear to have taken two years to get to the point where the feature can now be made available to paying subscribers. Google’s Stadia integration appeared to be very similar, and it would’ve allowed YouTube users and streamers to interact with their audiences, as well as allow users to join the streamer’s game, making the entire game-watching experience more engaging and interactive.

Amazon Luna is currently only available in the United States, and while there are plans to expand it to Canada, the United Kingdom, and other countries, there is no indication of when that will happen. As a result, the new feature is only available to US subscribers.

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