AmericanDad Raises Over $1000 to Tip to Waitress

Twitch streamer AmericanDad is a popular streamer gaining more than 75k followers on his channel where he usually streams under the Just Chatting content. He is an Indiana-based streamer who has found his niche in content creation by the way of humorous skits that he shares on social media, finding hilarious ways to end viewer arguments, and interacting with his fans on Twitter.

Recently, he decided to do an IRL stream while eating dinner at a local restaurant. During the stream, he told his fans and viewers that any donation made during the stream will be given to his lucky waitress as a tip.

He explained to his chat how they were going to make someone’s day much better. The donations started coming in as AmericanDad stated that he is getting nervous saying that he didn’t want her to faint or pass out because of the surprise. Eventually, they managed to raise a whopping $1,240 and it will be given to the waitress. Twitch streamer AmericanDad called the waitress to come over to his table and explain what was happening.

He started explaining that there are over 500 people watching the stream. He then asks her to pick a number between one to ten saying that if she chooses right, he will give her a good tip. After the waitress picked number 7, she was asked what she thought about a $1,240 tip – prompting her to blurt out; “Thank you so much!!” The waitress seemed to be super happy with her high-value tip, based on her understandably peppy reply.

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