Amouranth And Kim Kardashian

After stating that she resonates with Kim Kardashian’s controversial Variety interview, Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa has sparked outrage among her fans. Kim Kardashian has been chastised for saying that her “best advice for women in business” is to get their “ass” up and work.

Twitch streamer Amouranth is no stranger to controversy. She’s had to fight trolls for her ASMR mic-licking, hot tub-based streams, and for promoting her OnlyFans account during her streams on several occasions. She hasn’t let that stop her, and she has gone on to become Twitch’s most popular female streamer, which was especially inspiring for fans given her low-income background.

For many fans, Amouranth’s claim that she “resonated” with Kim Kardashian’s controversial comment that “it seems like nobody wants to work these days” was a surprising twist.

Kim Kardashian sparked a firestorm of controversy when she said in an interview that the best advice for women in business is to get their “ass” up and work. Viewers on social media slammed the reality TV star’s comments, claiming they were out of touch given her wealth. Amouranth surprised her fans by saying that she agreed with some of Kim K’s viewpoints.

Amouranth retweeted the article on March 23 and said it spoke to her. Work ethic still gives an edge in the highest echelons of the most competitive fields, and consistency counts. People who can maintain a bohemian lifestyle while maintaining a strong work ethic will literally change the world and mold it to their vision.

In a series of tweets, she continued saying that most people say that having rich parents is a life on “easy mode,” where they don’t have to worry about bills or mundane things, but it also robs them of the ability to feel good about small victories and compound that momentum into something that escapes their families’ shadow.

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