Amouranth Bashes Critics For Hypocrisy

Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa, an internet sensation and top Twitch streamer, has been the subject of numerous controversies in 2021. Instagram and TikTok have both banned the 28-year-old streamer. Twitch, in what appeared to be a tradition, issued multiple bans, severely disrupting her revenue stream.

Amouranth exposed the entertainment industry’s hypocrisy in her treatment. She sneered at the community for playing video games and delivering the same content she does and stated that her critics have a problem with real women who’s embracing their bodies, but not with men-made digital characters.

Amouranth discussed all of the major games that teenagers and adults play. These top-rated games all portray women in similar ways, but the creators of the content are never prosecuted.

The attack on the American streamer hasn’t deterred her in the least, as she continues to make a fortune. The streamer claimed in the same documentary feature that she makes 1.5 million dollars per month, but it comes at a high cost. She explained that her job requires her to work nonstop every day, without taking a single day off.

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