Amouranth Criticizes Instagram

Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa has criticised Instagram for failing to remove a spam account in which she posted her photos. These were the same ones that got her banned.

Amouranth created an impressive Instagram account in the beginning of her streaming career. This helped her grow her audience and draw more fans to her Twitch channel.

She was banned abruptly from social media for using “nudityā€¯ in her posts.

Amouranth has now appealed to her followers for help after Instagram approved a fake Instagram account that claimed to be her. It contains images that she had previously been barred from.

Amouranth attacked Instagram’s refusal to ban the fake account. This was in response to a thread that appeared on Twitter, April 19, and included a number of comments. According to streamer, the troll is posting images from the account that she banned and impersonating it.

The fake account’s screenshot was shared. The imposter then took aim at Instagram’s strict policies and claimed that the platform was less safe because she had been banned. The imposter, she claimed, is running a scam to get her to marry him and then uses her likeness and name to commit fraud.

Amouranth failed to convince Instagram to remove the fake Instagram account. So, she enlisted her friends to help her take down this page.

The streamer instructed fans to report the Instagram account. They claimed that the user was impersonating someone they know.

The account that appears to be fake on Instagram will hopefully be removed quickly. It appears Amouranth will be no longer able to access the platform, having previously said that she does not want to handle her account.



Instagram has refused to remove a spam account that impersonates her while also using the content she had previously been banned for. Instagram has not yet removed the fake account, so Amouranth enlisted her followers to help take down this page. The streamer’s hope is that Instagram will remove the fake account

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