Amouranth Explains Why Step Away From Being E-Girl

On April 13, Amouranth shocked the world with her latest announcement. She claimed that being an E-Girl was a constant grind, so she decided to stop being one. Her decision has sparked debate among her fans and audiences. She is in favor of doing something more making to ‘legacy media’ content while announcing her new decision.

It came as a complete surprise, given her rise to fame through ‘e-girl.’ Earlier, she was dubbed the Queen of Twitch hot tub meta, which helped her become one of the platform’s most popular streamers.

So, after making the best decisions for what she is known for, Amouranth hangs up the e-girl for good. She also explained why. She begins by stating that her content will be unique. She also explained why she decided to leave.



Amouranth announced she was quitting being an e-girl on April 13th. She doesn’t want her success to just be job, but instead wants to do something else and be a legacy media content creator

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