Amouranth invests in Amazon

Kaitlyn Siragusa (‘Amouranth’ Siragusa) reveals she made an investment in Amazon. This is the company which owns Twitch.

Amouranth rose up the ranks of Twitch streaming as a streamer. Her ASMR streams, meta-establishing and other content made her both controversial and popular. Amouranth was banned from stream a couple of times and did some unsavory things, but she has maintained her popularity.

Recently, Amouranth is more known for her discussions about investments. The conversation started out with Amouranth purchasing a 7/11 station. It has since evolved to a discussion about recent investments like Activision Blizzard and Google. Amouranth now has invested a substantial amount of money in Amazon, which is the owner of Twitch.

Amouranth revealed that 500 shares of Amazon Stock were purchased for $2169 each. She spent $1,084,000 to purchase Amazon Stock. This is incredible considering her Twitch streamer status. But that’s just what she said. Amouranth also revealed her investment strategy, revealing that she has placed limited orders for Amazon Stock, Google Stock, and Microsoft Investments.

Then, she said that her plan was to purchase more Amazon, Google and Microsoft each 5-10%. She claimed that this would ensure that returns are in the teens and low twenties, that it would not be easy, but that it would still make sense. While Microsoft might return less than other investments, she said that it was safer than most.

Twitch streamer spoke out to say that she makes seven-figures from these streams. Her claim to own a portfolio of dividends that generates mid-six figure income on its own, however, it’s not ESG investments. She then makes a comment about her hateful followers.

Amouranth is a master at attracting attention to her investments. This financial talk has been around her for several weeks. There was much discussion around the ethics surrounding Amouranth’s Activision Blizzard investment. Amouranth knew about the lawsuit. Amouranth was praised for the purchase of Twitter by Elon Musk, who made an investment in it. The purchase of Twitter by Elon Musk was also discussed at that time.

Although many may not want to know about Amouranth’s financial situation, this does not seem likely. Amouranth plans to continue investing in Amazon and Google as well as Microsoft.


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