Amouranth Mysterious Billboard Popping Up

Kaitlyn Michelle Siragusa AKA Amouranth brought the year to a close with a bang. With a first-place finish in Stream Hatchet’s ‘Top 5 female streamers of 2021,’ she dominated the competition. But that isn’t the streamer’s only profitable venture; the American streamer has been making significant progress in the business world.

She recently bought a gas station, became a minority shareholder in a US plastic ball company, and even invested $7 million in an inflatable pool toy company. Additionally, becoming an OnlyFans creator has boosted the streamer’s popularity significantly, and someone has come up with an intriguing way to publicize it.

Giant billboards advertising Siragusa’s OnlyFans account adorned the roads in LA recently, causing consternation among drivers. A mysterious benefactor publicized both her OnlyFans and gas station in one fell swoop.

It’s unclear whether Amouranth’s inner business mogul came up with such a hilariously eye-catching way to gain more attention.

Despite this, her content and in-depth understanding of the platform’s zeitgeist continue to propel her to the top of the Twitch rankings.

Amouranth also joked that more billboards would be coming to various cities in the future. However, until her involvement with the mysterious billboards is confirmed, it only alludes to her witty sense of humor.

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