Amouranth: The Most Watched Female Streamer

Despite being banned multiple times from the platform because of her controversial streams with “suggestive content”, Twitch streamer Amouranth beats Pokimane and Valkyrae as she has now become the most-watched female streamer across the platform.

The Twitch community has targeted Amouranth and her content for a while now, calling her out for apparently preying on the ‘simp’ culture for views and popularity. However, as it turns out, her plans have worked and many of those who criticized her may have added to the 13 million hours watched on Twitch.

According to a report from streaming analytics platform Stream Hatchet, Amouranth clocked in a watch time of 13 million hours on Twitch for Q2 2021 making her the most watched female streamer across all streaming platforms. Amouranth’s numbers were significantly better than that of the two most popular and influential female streamers right now, Pokimane who got 5 million hours and Valkyrae with 8 million hours.

Despite getting twitch bans and being lambasted by the streaming community at large for her inappropriate and sexually suggestive content on most of her streams, Amouranth has benefitted from the clout that her content has generated. However, Amouranth’s achievement might be alarming to some in the community. If the community views Amouranth’s content as malicious, they should also be worried that she is still getting her way with the platform and her content.

Regardless, everyone has the right to broadcast what they want on Twitch as long as they play ball with the community guidelines of the platform. However, impressionable young viewers might end up in places they shouldn’t, which is the root of all this ruckus.



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VTuber Ironmouse

1) Pokimane Pokimane is arguably the most prominent female streamer at the moment, with over 7.4 million followers on the platform.20-Feb-2022

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