An In-Depth Look At A_babybay’s Gaming Setup

A_babybay, a Valorantstreamer is well-known for his FPS skills and guides. He is also known as the largest Smeag. In 2016, he started as an Overwatchplayer and then decided to quit Overwatch in favor of Valorant in July 2020. He was able to gain more recognition for his decision and he is now much more popular under the title. We have listed below the details of his gaming system, which we believe will maximize his potential.


Babybay uses a Logitech G Pro X Superlight Mouse. The Logitech G PRO X Superlight mouse is ultra light at 63g (2.22 oz). Logitech has had to eliminate any lighting options in order to achieve this weight. It also abandoned the 8 macro buttons and replaced them with the five standard buttons. The clickers, scrollwheel and side buttons are located on the right thumb. It retains its ambidextrous form, but it’s more suitable for right-handed gamers.

It does not come with a dedicated button for dpi, but the buttons on its side can be used to assign this function. Logitech G hub software allows you to set macro bindings and dpi settings. To increase the tracking speed and reduce carbon emissions, it is fitted with 100% PTFE feet. It is compatible with Windows 8 and macOS 10.11 devices. It measures 12.5×6.35x4cm (4.9×2.5×1.57 ”.)).

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Babybay has a Logitech Pro keyboard. The wired keyboard is smaller in size due to its tenkeyless design. The keyboard is made from solid steel and is covered in plastic. It has removable ABS keycaps, is soldered with GX Blue switch switches, and is encased with ABS keycaps. For a travel distance of approximately 4mm, the switches provide a clicking feedback and actuate with a force of 50g. You can set its Fn + F keys with macro profiles. These can either be your own binding or from the library of pre-set macros that are available for more than 580 games. The software can be used to set the LIGHTSYNC RGB effects and sync them.

Rubber feet and a 30-angle adjustment make it more comfortable and prevents the device from sliding during games. It is available in sizes of 3.4×36.1×15.3cm (14.9×1.97×6.3″), and compatible with macOS 10.10 or later.

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Babybay uses the SteelSeries Arctis 1 wireless headset. It has 40mm drivers. They have a frequency range from 20 to 20,000Hz, a nominal impedance 32O, and a sensitivity of 100dB. The battery lasts up to 20 hours and can be charged while the device is still charging.

The main body is made from plastic and features a adjustable, steel-reinforced headband. Earcups are adjustable in 90deg. They can also be closed-backed. The earcups are padded with mesh-covered foam, and vibrate when they hear in-game sounds. It is light at 254g (8.96oz), which makes it very comfortable for long-term usage. You can adjust the volume or mute of it via on-ear controls. It also has a noise cancelling microphone that can be detached. The bidirectional polar design allows for a wide frequency range, 100 to 10,000Hz and an sensitivity of -38dB.

There are two options available. One version provides wireless connectivity to PS4 and PS5 consoles, while the other is for Xbox One, S, or X. However, the 3.5mm connector can be used to wire any version that isn’t wirelessly compatible. Both versions can be used with Android, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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Babybay uses a Blue Yeti X mic. This is an upgraded version the original Blue Yeti microphone. The original version had three condenser caps. This new model has four. The four polar patterns can be toggled with ease using the knob at the base. This improves audio clarity. Broadcasters can quickly set up their streams with the multi-pattern design and plug-and play interface.

The frequency range is 20 to 20,000Hz with a nominal impedance 13O, and maximum SPL of 122dB. Blue VO!CE technology can be accessed via either Blue Sherpa or G HUB. This allows the stream to include vocal effects as well as similar enhancements. You can set the LED lighting effects for this multi-function smart button via its software. It is compatible only with macOS 10.13 or Windows 10 operating systems. You can also get it as a wired only model.

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Babybay uses the Sony a6000 digital camera. This mirrorless camera is very common among streamers. It can be found in many other setups, including Destroy and MuTeX. The camera is smaller than regular DSLR cameras, making it easy to carry and use daily. The 24.3MP APS CMOS Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor is 24.3MP and can record video at 1920 x 1080 Full HD 24p. It also records fast action at 60p/60i frames-rates. The camera also features an electronic viewfinder and hybrid autofocus that can be used to capture up to 11 frames per second. These can all be shared instantly to your smartphone or tablet via WiFi or NFC communications by pressing a button.

Its battery can last only 3 hours with continuous use and takes approximately 4-5 hours for the Lithium Metal to fully charge. It may not be the most suitable choice for amateur videographers, but it could work well for V-loggers, provided they have spare batteries. If you are just beginning with basic gaming streams, it might be a good idea to start small and save money before you spend a lot on expensive equipment. It’s probably better to start with an easy-to-use webcam.

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Babybay uses a TC Helicon GoXLR mini mixer. The TC Helicon is the smaller, more compact version of the TC Helicon GoXLR. You can also use this version for single recordings. There are four channels for mic, chat, music, system, and system. Each channel has its own volume slider, mute and mutes. You can input one pair of headphones or one TS/TRS/TRRS microphone. With a single button press, the GoXLR Mini can produce up to +40V Phantom power and provide 70dB gain. You can set its RGB lighting effects through the software.

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