An In-Depth Look at Aydan’s Gaming Setup

Aydan, one of few streamers that went full-time after graduating high school in 2017, is the best example. Like many other streamers, Aydan’s big break was when Fortnitereleased. His viewership skyrocketed due to his fps abilities, especially after he joined Ghost Gaming in mid-2018 as part of their pro- Fortniteteam. He was with them till April 2020.

While he is now using Call of Duty Modern Warfare as his main gaming platform,his FPS skills remain on par. We have listed below the items in Aydan’s gaming system.


Aydan uses FinalMouse Ultralight Cape Town gaming mice. It weighs in at just 2 oz. It is small, measuring 11.5×5.3×3.57cm (4.53×2.09×1.4″). You can adjust this with the three infinity skins included. Every set has a different thickness. They can be layer on top or taken off, so it is suitable for small hands, but not necessarily larger ones.

The PMW3360 optical sensor is included. It can be adjusted to 400, 800 or 1600 DPI via the DPI button. The design is ambidextrous with the two macro buttons located above the right thumb grip. The polling frequency is 500 Hz.

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Aydan uses a Razer Huntsman keyboard. It is a fully-sized, wired keyboard. Each switch has a Key Stabilizer Bar at the top. The base of each switch is made from aluminum and features a matte aluminum top. Key caps can also be removed.

The keyboard can store up to five profiles thanks to its hybrid cloud and on-board storage. You can set these profiles on the fly with any one of its fully-programmable keys. You have a 10 key rollover to prevent ghosting and 1000Hz Ultrapolling. The Ryzer Synapse 3 software allows you to set both the macro profiles and the Chroma RGB lighting. It measures 14×44.48×3.5cm (5.52×17.51x 1.38″) in dimensions and weighs 862g (1.92lbs).

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Aydan uses the Astro A40 TR headset in his Gaming Setup. Aydan also has Innocents, Nickmercs, and Aircool headsets. The headset weighs in at 363g (or 12.8 oz) and is wired. The earphones have 40mm Open Transducer driver drivers. This allows for a frequency range from 20 to 20,000Hz and a nominal impedance 48homs. There is a distortion THD less than 0.1%. The microphone measures 6 cm and is detachable. However, it can be turned up.

A layer of fabric is placed on top of a layer leatherette fabric to line the earcups’ padding. A separate mod set can be purchased for those who prefer noise cancellation. You can adjust the headband to make it padded.

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Aydan uses a Shure SM7B microphone. It is a large-diaphragm microphone with a unidirectional polar pattern. The microphone is intended for professional vocal and music recording. It has a frequency range from 50 to 20,000 Hz, an impedance of 150W and a sensitivity between -59dB.

It has an external pop filter that can be removed and also features shock isolation. This prevents electrical interference from passing through. The back of the unit has controls that control bass roll off and mid-range accent.

The microphone comes equipped with a capstan nut that allows for mounting or dismounting the microphone on boom arms, microphone stands or boom arms. However, it does not include an XLR cable. Although it doesn’t require phantom electricity, the XLR cable will still work with an audio interface.

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Aydan uses the Sony a6300 to stream his setup. It measures 15.75×14.45×132.1cm (6.25×5.7×5.2”) and weighs 7.3g (1.55lbs). The camera can capture Full HD video at 120fps with up to 100mbps, and full 4K HD footage at 50mps. It can record at 4x/5x faster at 30p and 24p to capture instant slow-motion video. It also has 425 phase detection, which can lock onto the subject in 50ms and allow for up to 11fps.

This makes it great for adventure recording and IRL vlogging. However, this cam will not be sufficient to run a simple gaming stream. It will require extra hardware like a capture card and cables as well as software. You can also check our other top-rated webcams for cheaper, simpler alternatives.

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Aydan is using a TC Helicon XLR mixer. GoXLR, a 4-channel mixer that can accommodate one microphone or one input for a headphone and has options to accept both the XLR/TS/TRS/TRRS audio jacks. The mixer can supply +48V Phantom Power and 70Db gain. Each channel has its own volume slider and mutes, including the Mic, Music, Chat and System.

You can download more effects through the software. The upper section provides vocal control controls like gender-bending and megaphone. For sample recordings, the lower section can be used for sound effects and mic-muting.

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Earnings as a Twitch streamer On an active month, he earns anywhere between $17k to $23k. Every year, this amount translates to around $204k to $276k. In addition to this, he makes money from donations that his Twitch viewers give him.

Every year, Aydan makes more than $400k including his Twitch account and YouTube channel. In addition to that, he generates revenue from the multitude of sponsors he has and makes quite a large sum of money from prize money given to him by high placements in tournaments.

Earnings as a Youtuber Aydan’s YouTube channel doesn’t earn as much compared to his Twitch channel. Currently, he is projected to be making $3.8k to $5.5k a month and $45.6k to $66k a year.

Currently, Aydan uses the Shure SM7B. This microphone is the industry standard for a lot of popular streamers and pro players as it delivers the best possible audio on the market.29-Nov-2021

Total Results
—- ————-
2021 $228,869.43
2020 $124,170.83
2019 $90,733.33
2018 $90,900.00

Aydan uses a FinalMouse Ultralight Cape Town gaming mouse. The FinalMouse UltraLight Cape Town lives up to its name thanks to the lack of RGB lighting, as well as its plastic, hexagonal hole-chassis that allows the mouse to weigh in at just 58g (2oz.)13-Aug-2020


Aydan is a full time streamer and one of the few pro streamers that went full time after high school graduation. His big break was when Fortnitereleased and he became famous on twitch for his skills in fps games, especially when he joined ghost gaming mid 2018. Call of Duty

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