An In-Depth Look At Diegosaurs’ Gaming Setup

Diegosaurs, a high-ranking Apex Legends streamer has been actively involved in content creation and other forms since 2015. He made a name for hisself in 2019 when he was ranked first in damage and kills. He has maintained his reputation as a skilled player with insane fps and is well-known for his excellent chat interactions. For those interested in learning more about Diegosaurs’ peripherals, we have provided an overview.


Diegosaurs used an ASUS TUFVG259QM Gaming Monitor. ASUS’s VG259QM 27-inch monitor can be refreshed at up to 280Hz with a 1ms gray-to-gray reaction time. The maximum resolution is 1920×1080, with a pixel pitch measuring 0.282×0.282mm. It also has a dynamic contrast ratio that measures 10M.

You can also integrate it with a variety of game-enhancing technologies such as G-Sync, ELMBSync, and flicker-free ultra-low-blue light technology. GamePlus Hotkeys provide additional gameplay tools such as crosshair, sniper, counter and other useful options. You can also get performance boosts.

The stand offers a lot of adjustment, including tilting at -5deg33deg, pivoting at -90deg+90deg, 360deg+90deg, 90deg+90deg, and viewing angles at 178/178deg. It can also be raised up to 13cm (5.9″) and has VESA wall mounting capabilities. The overall dimensions of the unit are 56.3×48.7×21.1cm (22.2 x 14.02x 8.31 ).

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Diegosaurs is using a Logitech G Pro wireless gaming mice. The gaming set up of Diegosaurs includes the Logitech G Pro wireless mouse. This same model is also used in Danucd, Mendo and Nickmercs. The ergonomic design is suitable for any grip type and truly ambidextrous. It has four sets of programmable buttons and two sets of side-buttons. They can be placed on either one or both sides of the mouse. You can have up to 8 buttons. These buttons can store up to five profiles onboard.

The mouse boasts the Hero 25K optical sensor, which has a range of DPI 100-25600. This can be adjusted using Logitech G Hub software in increments of 50. These profiles can all be saved directly to the mouse. Its LIGHTSYNC technology allows RGB lighting to sync with other Logitech products via its HUB software. The maximum reported rate is 1,000Hz. However, it can also be toggled directly between 125Hz to 250Hz or 500Hz onboard. The maximum acceleration of the unit is 40G, and it can reach 400 IPS. It is 79g in weight (2.7oz), and measures 3.82×62.15×11.66cm (1.57×2.5×4.92″).

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Diegosaurs used Logitech G840XL mousepad. Logitech G840 dimensions are 2.8x90x40cm (0.11×35.43x 15.74″). The black cloth’s surface provides moderate friction to allow for enough resistance when the mouse moves quickly during gaming sessions at low dpi. The mousepad is secured to the base with a blue, textured rubber base. This prevents it from sliding while gaming. The rubber base prevents your mouse from sliding on the surface. You can easily roll it up to store in the transport tube.

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Diegosaurs used a Logitech G Pro keyboard. Logitech GPro is a compact tenkeyless gaming keyboard. The keyboard is made from plastic with an ABS top and backplate. It has GX Blue switches set on the steel backplate. It also features rubber feet and a 30-angle adjustment to increase comfort, and prevent the device from sliding during games.

They are actuated at 2mm and can be triggered with 50G force. The total travel distance is 4mm. Logitech G Hub software allows you to program the F-keys with macros. LIGHTSYNC RGB backlighting can also be used. The software allows users to create their own bindings and preset macro profiles are available for more than 580 games. It measures 3.4×36.1×15.3cm (11.496×1.97×6.3″) and weighs 980g (2.16lb).

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The Logitech G Pro X headset and Sennheiser CX 300S earbuds are used by Diegosaurs. Although the Logitech Pro X is not as well-known as other Logitech products that are featured in Dieogsaurs gaming set, it’s still being used by a number of high-tier streamers like ProfessorBroman and xChocobars. You can get it as a wired Next Generation 7.1 surround sound model, or wireless DTS Headphones:X 2.0 Surround Sound.

The headband is made from TR90 nylon, with stainless steel sliders and glass fiber reinforced nylon joints. It also comes with a set of micro-suede earpads and a leatherette. Earcups are 50mm Hybrid Mesh PRO-G drivers with a frequency range from 20 to 20,000Hz and a nominal impedance 32O. The earcups weigh 259g (0.82 lbs). The detachable microphone has a frequency range between 100 – 10,000Hz. It is also integrated with Blue VO!CE technology. It provides voice filters in real time that lower noise levels and make your voice more professional.

The Sennheiser CX 300S headphones, on the other hand have a smaller profile that can be worn while you’re out and about. The frequency range for the Sennheiser CX 300S earbuds is impressive at 17 to 21,000 Hz, which is slightly more than that of Logitech’s G Pro X. You also get four sizes of adapters for your ears: XS to S, M, L and M. These are designed to provide maximum comfort and noise cancellation. The inline microphone has a frequency range of 100 to 10,000 Hz and inline audio controls.

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Diegosaurs used a Shure SM7B mic. Shure SM7B microphone is large-diaphragm and dynamic. It operates using a cardioid polar pattern at the end address. It is able to cancel background noises by only being sensitive to sounds directly in front. The cartridge is protected by a protective steel case and enamel aluminum construction.

The frequency response is flat and wide with frequencies ranging from 50 to 20,000Hz. It was designed to capture bass instruments as well vocals. The device has a nominal impedance 150O, and a sensitivity of +59 dBV/Pa.

Two switches are located at the base. One is a button to turn off presence boost and produce a flat response curve. The other is a high-press-filter. It also features an internal pop filter to suppress plosive sounds and an internal shock mount that protects recordings from bump disruptions. The unit also includes a locking yoke mounting, switch cover, and foam windscreen. However, it requires an audio interface and XLR cable. Phantom power compatibility is not required for the audio interface.

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Diegosaurs used a Sony a7III mirrorless camera. A professional-support digital camera, the Sony a7 III can capture videos up to 4K. (QFHD 3840 x 2160p). The camera is equipped with a 24.2mp Exmor RCMOS sensor, which provides an ISO range from 100 to 51,200, and is extended 50 times with an E mount compatible lens.

You can also enable 4D and 693 phase detection eye-detection autofocus for clear motion recording. You can set it with either a 3:2 aspect ratio or 16:9, and can capture at 10 fps. The camera is lightweight and durable, measuring 12.7×9.6×7.4cm (5.5×3.76×3.88×3”). It weighs 295g (10.5oz).

It also features 5-axis image stability and a shoulder strap. It also offers many creative style options, including tiltable LDC touchscreens that can set various picture effects and other functions.

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This article is about a gamer named Diegosaurs and how he uses an ASUS VG259QM monitor, Logitech G Pro wireless mouse and Logitech G840XL mousepad.

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