An In-Depth Look At Mixwell’s Gaming Setup

Mixwell was just 15 years old when he got his start on the pro-scene. Mixwell started his Counter Striketeam, and began participating in LAN tournaments. He worked his way up through the ranks until he was offered a place on OpTic Gaming’s 2016 roster. His path was clear from that point on. He decided in April 2020 to follow Valorantinstead. We have listed below a list of Mixwell’s peripherals, to help you better understand your gaming experience.


Mixwell uses a AOC AG251FZ2E Monitor. This is an upgraded version of AOC AGON AG251FZ2. The TN panel has a 24.5″ screen that can display a maximum resolution 1920 x 1080p. The upgraded features of the display include a 0.5ms response speed that has been increased from 1ms and an 80M to1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio. It also boasts a pixel pitch 0.2832mm that has been raised from 0.2802mm.

The stand has many adjustment options. You can tilt it between -3.5deg21.5deg or swivel between 20deg20deg. It can also be pivoted 90deg. You can remove it for wall mounting purposes that are compatible with VESA. There are also two speakers of 3W.

It also integrates many useful technologies that can enhance your gaming experience. AOC Game Mode allows you to create profiles according to your game preference (RTS or FPS Racing), and it also has the ability to adjust its brightness. You can also adjust the brightness of it up to 400 Cd/m2. The dimensions are 56.7×41.5×54.5×21.8cm (22.3×16.3×21.5)x8” and the weight is 8.7kg (19.17lbs.).

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Mixwell uses the Logitech G703 wireless mouse. It utilizes the Hero 25K sensor. The Logitech G Hub software allows you to adjust the DPI in increments up to 50. This gives you a range between 100-25,600DPI. You can store up to four DPI profiles at once onboard. The maximum speed of the tracking system is approximately 400 IPS and its maximum acceleration at 40G. The six buttons are programable, with the side buttons on the right-thumb. Its asymmetrical design and six programable buttons make it easier for right-handed users. To further enhance its responsiveness, the right and left clickers have metal spring button tensioning.

The dual-injected rubberized sidegrips provide excellent control and an additional weight. You can increase the weight of your device from 95g (3.35oz), to 105g (3.72oz). The battery lasts between 35 and 60 hours, so it can be charged while the cable is running. The extent that it is being used with LIGHTSYNC RGB lighting will determine the discrepancy. The dimensions are 12.4×6.8×4.29cm (4.8×2.68×1.69 ”,)), which is more suitable for those with small hands or larger hands. Its shape makes it more convenient for those who prefer a claw or palm grip. This device is compatible with Windows 7, macOS 10.11, and Chrome OS.

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Mixwell used a Logitech G440 micepad. G440 has three layers. The top layer is made of polypropylene. The top layer is made of polypropylene. This provides a very low friction surface which helps improve the DPI tracking performance for your mouse sensor. This makes it ideal for gaming at high speeds. Its semi-rigid foundation is made up of the middle layer, which is a high-impact plasticstyrene base. It is then covered with a non-slip rubber bottom. It measures 34×0.3x28cm (11.3.39x 0.12x 11.02’’) and weighs 8oz. Because it is made of hard material, you cannot roll it for storage.

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Mixwell uses the Logitech G ProX keyboard. The keyboard is made from plastic and has a steel backplate. It also comes with three GX switches. They can be hot-swappable with any switches, even those that aren’t GX switches. The keycaps can also be swapped, but the shape of the keycaps in the bottom row is not standard. It will therefore be hard to find the right keycaps. As we mentioned, it comes with a keycap pulling tool.

The brightness button, as well as the windows lock key in the upper right corner of the screen are other useful features. Fn+ F9-12 keys double as media controls keys. The flip-out feet at the bottom allow for 3-step angle adjustment and rubber feet keep it in place. The dimensions are 2.4 36.1x 15.3cm (11.3x 14.2x 6.02’’) and the weight is 1.3kg (2.88lbs). Compatible with Windows 7, macOS 10.11, and later versions of PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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Mixwell is using a Logitech G Pro X headphone. It can be either a wired Next Generation 7.1 surround sound version or a wireless DTS headset:X 2.0 surround sound version. The headset is equipped with Hybrid Mesh PRO-G Neodymium 50mm drivers. They provide a frequency range from 20 to 20,000Hz and have a nominal impedance 32O. Their sensitivity is 107dB.

The headband of the TR90 nylon is made with stainless steel sliders, glass fiber reinforced nylon joints and TR90 nylon. Earcups are over-ear and have closed-backs. Two sets of earpads are included with the earcups. One is made out of microsuede and the other from memory foam covered in leatherette. The entire construction weighs 259g (0.82lbs), measures 17.2×8.17×18.2cm (5.3 x 3.70x 7.68 ),

The microphone also features a 4-mm electret condenser microphone. The frequency range is 100-10,000Hz and it can be detached. Blue VO!CE technology integrates with it, which provides real-time voice filtering. They reduce the noise to give users a professional sound.

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Mixwell uses a Logitech StreamCam Webcam. This plug-and-play camera was specifically designed for streamers. The lens is f/2.0 and has a focal length of 3.75mm. You can choose between 1080P at 60 frames per second or 720P at 30 frames per second or 60fps. The autofocus is face-based and works from 10cm minimum. There are no limits. Electronic image stabilization is also built into the device. The electronic image stabilization prevents distortion from occurring when the monitor or desk is moved. The camera also features a white LED indicator light that indicates when it is active. You can rotate it 90 degrees to change the mode into portrait.

This device is compatible with OBS and XSplit. To further enhance the quality of your video, it comes with Logitech Capture software and Logitech Camera software.

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