An In-Depth Look At Shortyyguy’s Gaming Setup

Shortyyguy joined the streamer community while still at college in 2011. He has enjoyed many games over the years and really began to improve when he started collaborating with GiantWaffle and Lirik. His chats, humor, and his GTA V character, Eddie Delish are what make him a popular streamer. We have listed below the peripherals shortyyguy uses in his gaming setup. This allows him to maintain his content clear and concise and keeps his gameplay fluid.


Shortyyguy has an ASUS ROG Swift PC279Q 27 inch monitor. This 27-inch gaming monitor is nominated for several awards. The standard refresh rate is [email protected] and it has a resolution up to 2560×1440. You can increase this to 165Hz if you overclock it. The pixel pitch of the device is 0.233×0.23mm. It has a maximum brightness level of 350cd/m2.

NVIDIA’s G Sync technology reduces tearing and lagging and ASUS Eye Care Technology reduces eyestrain when playing longer games. You can choose from four settings for blue light. The stand has adjustable options, including height up to 120mm (4.73″) and pivoting 90deg. It can also be swiveled 60deg 60deg or tilted from -5deg to 20%. The overall dimensions of the unit are 61.8×55.3×23.8cm (9.4×24.4×21.8-inch), and 7kg (15.43lbs). You can remove it from the stand to mount on VESA compatible walls.

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Shortyyguy has a Glorious Model O mouse (White Matte). It is equipped with an optical PixArt 3360 sensor. The sensor has a range of 400-12,000 DPI. You can adjust the DPI in 100 steps and store up to six profiles onboard. The maximum speed of the DPI is 250 IPS. There are six buttons that can be programmed, including the scroll wheel, clicker, DPI button, and scroll wheel, and the two buttons to the right. Only one macro profile can be saved directly to the board. You also have the option to poll onboard at 125, 250 and 500 Hz.

It’s made from honeycomb plastic, which makes it very lightweight at 67g (2.36oz), despite the RGB-features. Its ergonomic design accommodates any grip style. The feet are made of 100% Virgin PTFE and measure 0.81m in thickness. It allows for smoother movement. It is compatible only with Windows 7 and later, but it can be used with basic settings on Mac or Linux computers. The software measures 12.8×6.6cm/5.04×2.6×1.48” and comes with a braided 2m cable (6.5ft).

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Shortyyguy uses an Anne 2 Pro 60 keyboard. It is a compact, wireless gaming keyboard with just 61 keys. There are a few options for switch colors: either black or white. Shortyyguy uses the black keyboard with Gateron brown switches. They actuate at 55gf with a point of 2mm, for a travel distance of 4mm. The chassis of the machine is made from hard plastic with a metal backplate.

It lacks the F-keys, number pad and arrow keys. However, it has 16 macro buttons. These can all be used as secondary functions for any key in the software. The software also offers 100% anti-ghosting and full-key rollover. Bluetooth connectivity allows wireless connections of up to 4 devices, allowing you to seamlessly switch between them. Compatible devices include Android, iOS, Linux, Mac OS, Nintendo, Windows 10/2000/8/7. Depending on lighting conditions and wireless settings, the battery can last up to 4 weeks. It can be charged while it charges.

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Shortyyguy wears Sennheiser HD 650 headphones. Shortyyguy also uses the Massdrop HD650s, also known as the HD6XX. You can sometimes find it on the Massdrop website. These are dynamic stereo hi-fi headphones designed for professional and audiophile users. These headphones are made from strong plastic and feature lightweight aluminum voice coils. They also have open-back earcups for excellent transient response. For extra comfort, the over-ear cups are padded with soft Velour and the headband can be adjusted. The contact pressure is 6.0 N +-1 N.

The frequency response of the dynamic neodymium-ferrous drivers is 10 to 41,000Hz with a nominal impedance 300O and SPL of 103dB. The device is lightweight at 260g (0.57lb) and has a 3m (9.84ft.) cable.

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Shortyyguy uses a Shure SM7B mic. It is a well-known piece of streaming equipment and can be found in many big-name sets like Loeya Fresh, KingRichard, Fresh, and KingRichard. The dynamic microphone operates from a front-address with a unidirectional, polar pattern. The noise cancelling effect of this pattern is that it only picks up sounds from the front, but it’s much less sensitive to sound coming from the sides and back. The pattern also has an internal pop filter to reduce plosive sounding sounds and an interior shock mount

The flat frequency range from 50 to 20,000Hz allows it to capture both vocals and instruments. The device has a nominal impedance 150O, and a sensitive of -59dBV/Pa. A presence booster button and a high-press filter are available. The case protects the cartridge and is made from enamel aluminum. The device requires an XLR audio cable and interface, but it does not require phantom electricity.

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Shortyyguy used a Sony a7III camera and a Sony SEL28F20 FE lens. A mirrorless digital camera, the Sony a7III has a 24.2MP Exmor CMOS sensor. It can record at 10 frames per second a resolution of 3840 x 22160 (QFHD). The camera is equipped with an eye-detection automaticfocus system that uses 693 phase detection points to track fast moving subjects. You can adjust the brightness from -2 to 2 You can also adjust the brightness of your touchscreen, which is tiltable at 3.0 inches (922k dots), with a range from -2 to 2. Its Bluetooth 4.0+ connectivity allows for easy data transfer and is compatible with Android 5.0 and later. The battery can be charged for up to 200 hours. However, it is also capable of recording while connected to a computer. This will however require extra hardware, such as a capture device.

Overall, the camera is excellent but comes with a high price tag that may not be suitable for vloggers or streamers. If you are just getting started, you might want to go with a simple webcam.

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Shortyyguy is using a TC Helicon XLR mixer. This mixer is great for solo recording. It has one mic channel, which can be connected to either an XLR or TRSTRRS cable and provides it with +48V and 70Db gain. There is no USB input port. You also have RGB lighting options. You can input only one headset at a given time.

The three additional channels can be used for Chat, Music, and System control. Each channel has its own volume slider and mutes. It is not intended to be used for recording solo as it only supports one input (audio and headphone) at a given time.

You can tweak and create vocal effects which you then apply directly to the GoXLR. There are many options available, including Reverb, Pitch Echo and Robot. Its software offers many other options. There is also a section that allows users to intersperse live recordings with preset sounds in short bursts. Another section has a temporary mutes and bleep buttons.

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Shortyyguy joined the streamer community while still at college in 2011. He has enjoyed many games over the years and really began to improve when he started collaborating with GiantWaffle and Lirik. The monitor he uses is ASUS ROG Swift PC279Q 27 inch monitor, which is nominated

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