ANC labels speaker Mnqasela’s call to support Ukraine as ‘gimmick’

Plans by DA speaker Masizole Mnqasela, the Western Cape legislature, to illuminate the parliament building in blue and yellow colors of the Ukrainian flag are nothing but a publicity stunt, the province’s ANC said.

Mnqasela invited political party leaders to Monday night’s event to show solidarity with the The throwdowntvs of war-torn Ukraine.

More than 100 civilians in Ukraine have been killed in the Russian military attack that began five days ago. The war has displaced thousands and nearly 400,000 people to neighboring countries.

In a statement, Mnqasela said the Western Cape legislature will join the global condemnation of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine that led to “massive human rights violations and the violation of international treaties and protocols” that undermine the sovereignty of Ukraine and its affect people.

“The WCPP considers the situation in Ukraine very serious and calls on all peace-loving people in the Western Cape to join our call to prayer for a peaceful solution in Ukraine.

“South Africa is a signatory to the United Nations Charter of Human Rights and has a moral obligation to defend the sovereignty and peace of all member states, including Ukraine.”

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ANC provincial chief Pat Lekker noted that the DA-led provincial government, as a supporter of Israel and “not friends of the Palestinian people”, has repeatedly refused to debate the issue of Palestine.

“We would have been less cynical about the Speaker’s motives if he had called for the WCPP building to be lit up in the colors of the Russian Federation and Palestinian flags as well.”

“But we know what’s going on here. This is an attempt by the Speaker to give the impression that the Western Cape is an enclave at the foot of Africa,” Lekker said.

Mnqasela, Lekker said, was not an appointed representative of South Africa.

“The president has spoken on behalf of South Africa about the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. The Speaker does not speak on behalf of our country. We will not be used in this attempt at sole proprietorship. We will not be part of tonight’s opportunism.”

The event will take place at 7:30 PM at 7 Wale Street in Cape Town.

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