Andrea Botez Encounters Creepy Fan

During a recent live broadcast, Andrea Botez of BotezLive on twitch, known for their chess gameplay, has encountered a ‘creepy’ guy who approached her repeatedly while she was live streaming at a bar New York City.

Aside from playing chess on stream together with her sister Alenxandra Botez under their channel BotezLive, the siblings also did some IRL streams. IRL streams meaning going out in public can be a risky affair. Many IRL streamers have experienced encountering weird incidents while streaming in public as they have to deal with the actions of others they can’t control.

Just like what happened recently to Andrea Botez when she found herself in an awkward situation after she dealt with a creepy twitch fan that wouldn’t leave her alone while she was live streaming at a bar.

Andrea had been streaming chess all day in Manhattan so she decided to head to a restaurant to wind down, eat some food, and hang out with her chat. Shortly after, she was approached by a stranger who claims to be her fan stating that he knows her well and that he watches her live streams. Eventually, the stranger asked Botez if he could sit with her, in which Botez politely declined as she said that the open chair is reserved for her chat.

The stranger then asked if he could just sit at the table next to her and Andrea once again declined saying that she will be focusing on streaming and on her chat. The man walked away for a short time but he came back a little while after. It turns out that the man didn’t get the hint so Andrea apologized saying that she just wanted to stream. She shot him down more harshly one last time saying; “No thank you. I’m really not interested.”

When the man finally left the restaurant, he shouted “I LOVE YOU!” and could be seen making a rude hand motion – knowing he’s on stream leaving Andrea stunned. Later in the stream Andrea described him as “creepy”, adding that he wouldn’t take the hint to leave her alone as she obviously wasn’t interested.

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