Animal Crossing Perfect Snowboy

Winter has arrived in Animal Crossing, at least for those whose islands are in the Northern Hemisphere. The islands have become wintry wonderlands once more, with snow falling and villagers dressed in their adorably warm finery. This means it’s also the season for attempting to build the perfect Snowboy — Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ version of a snowman — over and over again.

I have good news and bad news: these bad boys are delightfully festive, but they are also extremely difficult to construct. A “perfect” Snowboy will reward players with one seasonal DIY recipe and a Large Snowflake each day until it melts. However, on fresh-packed rolling snow, it’s incredibly easy to biff the proportions — the snowball will grow as you roll it, making it difficult to finesse — resulting in a Snowboy who is adorable but ultimately doesn’t give you any items.

Fortunately, New Horizons players have discovered a quicker way to create the perfect Snowboy.

Later in the thread, a Redditor points out that players don’t need terraforming tools to lay down pathing — they can simply take a custom design and lay it out square by square on the floor.

Twitch streamer and Twitter user SnaxBreak also shows off a flawless Snowboy build, complete with tips on how to get it.

Sure, you get cool stuff from these perfect Snowboys. However, we believe that all Snowboys are perfect. Whatever shape or size they come in, they’re all adorable, and islands look great with a few of them. As a result, go forth and blanket your islands with Snowboys.

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