Annie Fuchsia’s Hilarious Apology

Popular Twitch streamer AnnieFuchsia recently made an apology after her first encounter with Amazon’s new MMORPG New World resulted in a ban after she milked a cow in-game.

AnnieFuchsia’s first encounter with New World was one of the strangest ever, capturing the game’s shaky beta debut well. After milking a cow in the game, a message appeared informing her that she had been “permanently” banned — complete with poor spelling.

Regardless, word of Annie’s suspension spread like wildfire, prompting the streamer to reply with a pun-filled apologetic video, milking the situation for all it was worth.

“I touched Bessie, and I apologize profusely” and claimed that she totally deserved a ban. “I don’t want to come across as cheesy, but there’s just too much steak.”

Annie continued to fire out joke after joke like they were being fired from a gatling cannon, clearly aiming to get more cow-related puns in a video than Seth Rogan in Neighbors 2.

“At this point, I don’t see any way ahead, so I’m going to make a donation to a charity that helps poor cows and bulls get the education they deserve, ” she added and laughed after she realized that game businesses occasionally have problems with streamers and that their bans might be nonsense, mine was not one of them. But I hope that everyone understands the complexity of the issue.

It’s nice to see Annie enjoying a good time, despite the craziness that happened this past July 20th, when she was banned.

In the case of New World, however, despite streamer criticism, the game has received a lot of positive feedback from gamers. Players urged the developers to disregard Twitch streamers’ takeaways after Asmongold blasted the beta as “dysfunctional.”

It’ll be fascinating to see what happens with the New World in the coming weeks, especially if we see something similar to AnnieFuchsia’s absurd cow-milking prohibition.


A native of Sweden, Anniefuchsia is a popular Twitch streamer. What started out as a passion for playing video games led to a full-on career for the Twitch star. She plays all sorts of games but her core game is World of Warcraft.

Twitch streamer AnnieFuchsia has issued an apology, sort of, after her first experience with Amazon’s new MMORPG New World ended with a ban after she milked a cow in-game. AnnieFuchsia’s first session with New World was one of the most bizarre yet and truly encapsulated the game’s rocky beta launch.26-Jul-2021

I’m from Sweden! I currently reside in Stockholm.

Name Anniefuchsia
——– —————
Birthday April 7
Age early-20s
Gender Female
Height 5 feet 4 inches

The New World development team permanently banned “over 1,200 players” for duping as of Nov. 15, which also required the temporary shutdown of the entire in-game economy.02-Dec-2021

Once a player gets a certain number of reports filed against them, they seemingly get automatically banned. This system was likely implemented to weed out the worst offenders: bots, scammers etc., but it’s being used for something else entirely.11-Oct-2021

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