Apelordmoz Stream Is Interrupted By Gunfire

Apelordmoz’s Stardew Valley stream was interrupted on February 8th by the sounds of an alleged gunfight outside his home on Twitch.

Apelordmoz, a Twitch streamer, was playing Stardew Valley the other day. He was forced to come to a halt when he heard what sounded like gunfire outside his house.

With 768 followers, Apelordmoz is a Twitch account. An alleged gunfight in the streets outside his house interrupted his recent stream of the farming game Stardew Valley. On Twitch, the video has already received over 70,000 views and is being re-posted on social media.

In Stardew Valley yesterday, Apelordmoz found himself in a relaxing moment of gameplay. He was restocking his forges and inventory at his farmhouse. When Apelordmoz isn’t speaking for a while, a burst of gunfire is heard through his microphone. Apelordmoz, shocked, manages to say that he believes a gunfight is taking place outside his home. The viewer can then hear the unmistakable sound of more gunfire.

The video was quickly re-uploaded to the Reddit subreddit r/LivestreamFail and has received over 3,000 upvotes, indicating that it is on its way to becoming a viral sensation, thanks to Twitch’s impressive view count. xQc has been encouraging viewers to support smaller channels on Twitch, and he watched the clip while he was streaming.

It was quickly ranked as the second most popular Stardew Valley scene of all time. Apelordmoz’s channel will most likely benefit from the growth. The best part is that after the terrifying incident, Apelordmoz has tweeted about it, implying that he is in good health.

Despite the circumstances in which he found himself, Apelordmoz managed to show incredible professionalism. During the gunfire, Apelordmoz calmly informed his audience that he was going to the basement to shelter, and cut his stream to a “be right back” animation. It’s a much more gradual conclusion than when xQc’s stream was cut short because he forgot to pay his electric bill. Most importantly, it appears that Apelordmoz made the wise decision to relocate his family to a more secure location.

It’s not the first time a Twitch streamer has found themselves in a dangerous situation during a live stream. Guy “Dr Disrespect” Beahm, a popular Twitch streamer who is attempting to be unbanned this year, once ended his stream after his house was shot at in 2018. During the stream, you can also hear the shot that shattered Beahm’s upstairs window. During streams, many streamers have been “swatted,” putting them in potentially dangerous situations.

Apelordmoz, a Twitch streamer, was unharmed, and his channel is likely to benefit from the publicity that this shocking situation has brought. Hopefully, he will be able to resume streaming in a safe manner soon.

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